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Origins of the MLP G4 Fandom: The Two Tribes


For the record, the following rambling editorial is a recount of the very early days of the fandom.  I call it a rambling editorial as its over 3000 words and was written in a not so sober state.  While the spelling has been checked, there may be plenty of other mistakes lurking around that didn’t appear during my quick review of it.

This editorial covers the early days of the fandom, from its start on 10/10/10 with the show and the six months that followed.  These months of course were very critical to the development of the community, its when the stage was set.  While the title of the article sounds like fanfic, I discuss one topic of interest of mine with the community, namely the evolution of it all.

So in celebration, here is a boring essay on the early days of the fandom.

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Hub Network Editor Shares Unaired April Fool’s Promo

Dawn Evening of the final day. Tonight marks the end of the ride of the television experiment known as The Hub. Just as we say farewell, we are left with one little gem to remember our beloved network by. An editor who has cut promos for the last several years has released an unused (for legal concerns) April Fool’s promo, which mashes up MLP with one of The Hub’s more notable primetime series. Check it out after the break.

Thanks for the fun ride, Hub TV Network!

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