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Samurai Jack: Season 5 Trailer via [ Adult Swim ]


Yesterday we posted the ‘teaser trailer’ Adult Swim had published across their social media on Friday, which featured only a few seconds worth of footage, namely Jack’s sword.  As of this morning a full trailer has been released, 3+ minutes worth.  Most talked about in the clips (yes spoilers a little) is the fact we see blood, something that was missing from the original Cartoon Network run, but going back to the conventions this past summer, we are to expect a more mature theme.  I just read somewhere they say Jack will have to deal with taking actual lives in this final 10 episode arc and finale.

Wander Over Yonder – Season 2 Trailer

A possible Season 2 trailer for the upcoming second season of Wander Over Yonder.  If its not official then it was put together by a loving fan of the show.

Trailer: Gravity Falls – Not What He Seems


It’s happening! The end times! The Gravity Falls episode you’ve been waiting for premieres Monday, March 9th, only on Disney XD!