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Trailer Arrives for the My Little Pony Movie


As expected, yesterday we got the trailer for the upcoming My Little Pony movie, which releases October 6th from Allspark Pictures. It is the first trailer to showcase a vast majority of the characters, their voices, and gives us a good look at the animation style of Toon Boom’s Harmony program. You can find the trailer below, hidden for spoilers.

Samurai Jack: Season 5 Trailer via [ Adult Swim ]


Yesterday we posted the ‘teaser trailer’ Adult Swim had published across their social media on Friday, which featured only a few seconds worth of footage, namely Jack’s sword.  As of this morning a full trailer has been released, 3+ minutes worth.  Most talked about in the clips (yes spoilers a little) is the fact we see blood, something that was missing from the original Cartoon Network run, but going back to the conventions this past summer, we are to expect a more mature theme.  I just read somewhere they say Jack will have to deal with taking actual lives in this final 10 episode arc and finale.

Wander Over Yonder – Season 2 Trailer

A possible Season 2 trailer for the upcoming second season of Wander Over Yonder.  If its not official then it was put together by a loving fan of the show.

Trailer: Gravity Falls – Not What He Seems


It’s happening! The end times! The Gravity Falls episode you’ve been waiting for premieres Monday, March 9th, only on Disney XD!