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Short: Peek Behind the Boutique: Fashion Do’s & Don’ts


As promoted last week, here’s the 90-second short filled with fashion tips from Rarity. Check it out below.


Promos: Season 7 Premiere, Rarity Short & Ponypalooza


Some new pony promos airing on Discovery Family this month–the first being for the season 7 premiere on April 15th, a new short featuring Rarity on April 8th (after Dolphin Tale 2), as well as ‘Ponypalooza’, a 2-week pony-marathon leading into the new season. Check them out below.


Steven Universe – Out of This World Promo


The next chapter of Steven Universe starts on January 30th. Check out the promo after the break.


Guardians of Harmony Toy Commercial


MLP’s Guardians of Harmony toy line which has been in stores for most of the year has a commercial which aired on ABC, alongside Frozen and Target’s 11-minute holiday commercial. Check it out after the break.

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Steven Universe – Steven’s Summer Adventures Final Preview

Here’s the preview for the fourth and final week of Steven’s Summer Adventures from CN. Spoilers within.

Steven Universe – 100th Episode Promo


This week, SU hits its 100th episode, and here’s the promo hailing it in, featuring a new character. Check it out after the break, spoilers within.

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2nd MLP Mid-Season 6 Promo

cadence_and_flurry_heart___speedpaint_by_scarlet_spectrum-dabites[1]Cadence and Flurry Heart + Speedpaint by Scarlet-Spectrum

Here’s a short promo in addition to the previous mid-season 6 promo. It contains a few new shots. Check it out after the break.

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