My Little Person
by *yiKOmega

So far we know that Equestria Girls will feature human-looking ponies and toys that include dolls, pony toys and doll accessories, but not much outside of that.

Seni found some listings for Equestria Girls merch at Muller in Germany.

The listings read, top to bottom:

Girl doll with pony


Dolls with accessories

Girl doll two-pack

Hair(something) Rainbow Dash.

This fits into our prior info of dolls, pony toys and accessories for dolls. It sounds like you can get a doll with her matching pony self, as well as a single doll. Generally dolls come with accessories, so the distinction is interesting. Doll multipacks are also common, especially with recent best seller Monster High.

The Rainbow Dash toy is a bit of a mystery. It has something to do with hair, but as haarz is shorthand for something longer, we can’t translate what it fully means.

These toys are slated for a summer release in Germany. When they’ll come out in other territories is unknown.

  • Anonymous

    The “hair” toy is probably one of those big dollheads with hair you’re supposed to style. It will probably be very creepy.

  • Shiek927

    Not to be sarcastic, but given that this whole show apparently came out of the toy department, I’m not surprised to news about the toys already coming out before we’ve even heard much on the show.

  • Anonymous

    HAARZ. could be “Haarzubehör” meaning hair accessories