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Amazon has a listing for “My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: April” DVD. It’s listed as $14.97 but available for $10.48 preorder for an April 30th release.

Actors are listed as Tara Strong and Ashleigh Ball as actors and Jayson Thiessen as the director. The run time is 120 minutes, which would be 5.45 episodes.

The only bit of information on the DVD is some generic info about how Twilight ended up in Ponyville, which we all learned about in s1e01. Otherwise, there’s no indication what’s on this DVD.

  • Anonymous

    April as the release and the name, me thinks Amazon made a flub! Also, could this be the rumored DTV Movie? Or just a random compilation of Twilight-centric episodes akin to the Pinkie Pie themed DVD coming out in Wal-Mart later this month, guess only time will tell.

    • BronyDash925

      Where are the rumors about a movie? Seriously, I’m asking genuinely.

      • Genjii

        When it was announced that their were only going to be 13 episodes in this season, their was wild mass guesses as to why. One guess was that they were conserving resources in order to create a movie. However, It is very unlikely that such a think would be happening without any kind of advertising.

      • Somewhere on the Top Draw website, there’s a page that lists them being commissioned for one 66-minute My Little Pony project, which is about how long your average direct-to-video animated movie is.

        >>However, It is very unlikely that such a think would be happening without any kind of advertising.<<

        Hasbro doesn't advertise much until it's close to release date. For season 3, we got those two music clips at Comic-Con, then nothing until a few weeks before it was rolled out. Hell, they don't even put together promo ads for the next week's episode anymore.

  • StatManDan

    My guess is that it will be five Twilight episodes which might include “The Return of Harmony” since the other three two-parters have already been released to DVD.

    • Applepie

      Me too.

  • Aponymous

    @Anonymous(1st poster)
    Hmm and the upcoming Pinkie Pie DVDs aren’t even titled “January”? :P

    Well for a while the hub kept running that promo with Pinkie Pie wearing a mustache…finally they show Spike at Your Service just before the year ends and we find out she doesn’t even get to wear it!
    Then they keep hinting about “one pony will discover her true destiny.”
    We all know that probably has something to do with Twi,and maybe s3e13…(repliers PLEASE withhold any Megan McCarthy bashing or Princess Twilicorn comments!)
    also It didn’t hit me until recently – yeah during the summer we got 2 or 3 small hints (Twi’s Unprepared song,King Sombra lurking in game files) and really up until just before Halloween/Nightmare Night it’s true there was little to nothing about Season 3…However

    remember the “Dragonshy” hint? now look at Saturday’s synopsis.
    or was it just me that put those two together? oh well.

    What’s more the most recent promo does show the mane 6 using the elements (likely to un-stone or is it de-stone?) Discord.

    Furthermore I’m personally wondering what upcoming episode will have the CMCs looking at snowglobes…but anyway

    P.S: seems Zap2it is listing “Just for Sidekicks” as s3e8 or did somepony notice this already?