Once Upon a Time by Eosphorite

Once Upon a Time by Eosphorite

The “April DVD” listed before had no title except for “April DVD,” but a UPC search of the DVD lists some interesting things on DVD Planet, DVD Pacific and Kmart.

The title is listed as “Twilight Sparkle Princess” on all three sources. This most likely will be related to the “Princess Coronation” season finale, where the assumed princess is Twilight Sparkle.

The exact episodes included on the DVD are still not available. You can still pre-order the DVD on Amazon for the April 30 release.

Thanks to Sebastian Krzyszkowiak for the submission.

  • PCP2443

    10 bits says Twilights coronation is on the Episode this weekend, since thats when the contest is.

    Also I belive the season finale is the cutie mark switching episode…. so yeah.

    But i’m fine with Twilight becoming a Princess, its just a title, her Brother is a prince, her sister in law is a princess. No reason Twy can’t be one two, doesn’t mean she’ll have to become an Alicorn. Blue Blood & Shining Armor arn’t and they are both royalty.

    • Anonymous

      But there stallions

  • Anonymous

    Oh no, it’s the end of the world! Head for the hills! Twilight’s moving up in the world!



  • JoeyH3

    I noticed the editorial review on Amazon it says:

    “Shining Armor marries Twilight’s former foalsitter Princess Cadance who inducts Twilight into royalty”

    Anyone know where that description could’ve came from? I don’t think it’s an official or professional review, as the grammar is awfully lacking, but regular consumers can’t write those either…

    • xTSGx

      Apparently, Amazon copypasted it from Twilight’s MLP Wiki Page. (http://mlp.wikia.com/wiki/Twilight_Sparkle) Curse my lack of knowledge of what formatting this website uses causing me to be unable to properly link it.

  • Applepie

    I think that must be Princess Skyla.

  • Princess Luna

    Can’t wait for this.