Artist of the Week: CartoonLion!


Welcome to another edition of Artist of the Week! This week’s artist is CartoonLion, one of the minds behind AskFutashy! You can find her works at her DA here, her FlutterDashPie pony tumblr here. and her personal non-pony tumblr here. She also does the art for Roxanne and Baily on the SocialStereotypePokemon tumblr, which you can find here.

Please enjoy the interview after the break!

How long have you been into art?


I’ve been into art as long as I can remember. As a kid I always loved looking at the pictures in the books and would even occasionally steal my parents’ magazines just to look at the pictures in them. I’ve always had a great appreciation for the visual arts.


How did you learn how to create art?


One day, when I was just a toddler, I was watching my father draw and I decided I’d try doing the same. From that day on, I’ve been drawing.



How did you get into pony art?


Even before MLP, I liked drawing horses – lot of them, but that’s because I do love horses. But I guess you could say that MLP also got me to draw even more of them. After months of trying to avoid the series, I gave in and watched it then before I knew it, I was drawing the ponies. I hadn’t drawn horses or anything else in a very long time so it was wonderful to get into it. I think it may have something to do with their adorable charm. But now I’m getting a desire to do more original stuff or even something non-pony after too much MLP, oop!


Where did the idea for Futashy come from? How did you meet Megasweet? What is it like to work in collaboration on this tumblr? Could you briefly explain the “futaverse”, for those whom are uninitiated.



The story is same every time I tell it – it was a spur of a moment idea starting with early comics of Futashy behaving like a bad pet. Before that I generally did like futa and loved Megasweet’s futashy pictures so that’s how the inspiration came about. I met Megasweet on the fimchan boards, first with friendly exchanges on each others’ art and then I started visiting his livestreams and vice versa and I guess that’s how we got to know each other. It’s great collabing on the tumblr really; we just have great fun with the Futashy character and her family! The Futaverse is basically this – it’s about Futashy, basically Fluttershy with an extra member who lives with her human family which happen to be Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash. She tends to get into lot of antics with humans, Spike, or some other ponies. It’s all for fun, it’s not meant to make any sense or be taken seriously. We do this because it’s fun.


Have ponies changed the way you think as an artist (what inspires you about ponies)?


I think ponies have helped me become a more confident, more open-minded artist and maybe as a person in general too. Ponies have also helped me improve my artistic skills as I’ve been experimenting with them a lot, finding new ways to draw and color them, the scenarios I can put them in. I guess it must just be their charm.


How have ponies affected your life in general?


Like I mentioned in the last answer, I believe the ponies have helped me become more confident and more open-minded, like I don’t feel a need to hold back anymore, I can just do my own thing now. I’m also talking with new people I would have never dreamed of even sharing a quick chat with and it’s awesome. Just awesome.


What else do you do besides art (hobbies, jobs, etc.)?



Well unfortunately I don’t get to do much as I’d like to but whenever I can, I do like going outside for an occasional walk. I also love watching films particularly the older ones before the 21st century, reading books especially fantasy ones and comics, and video games when I want to unwind.


How many tumblrs do you run? What do you enjoy about running tumblrs? What would you recommend to people that want to run them?


Well at this time, I run about 4 tumblrs plus some more I’m involved in. It’s fun, tumblr is addictive yes, but damn it’s fun. If you want to run a tumblr, go ahead! Just do your own thing and don’t worry too much about what people think as long you’re enjoying yourself.


What do you enjoy about creating characters? How do you go about worldbuilding in all of your stories?



The best part of creating characters is firstly, their personality and the situations you can put them in and then comes the design part. I love making characters that are bit grounded with some quirks there and here without them being all overdone and just…a design drawing nightmare. When I world build I just get a very basic idea/setting in my head and try to work with it, adding more to it until eventually I’ve got a world I can work with. And that world usually keeps growing.


Do you have any future projects that you are excited about?


Well I have had this original idea that’s been brewing in my head for a while now but have yet to get it to paper. It’s a secret though so I can’t tell you too much! Tee hee.


What was your favorite project that you worked on?


Well I used to have this comic series that I started up in high school but has long since then gone on a hiatus due college and other things like loss of good motivation. I did genuinely enjoy my time while I was drawing it however so I am currently brainstorming a way to end it on a satisfying note. I don’t want to leave it unfinished but I also can’t go much longer on it so it’s about time it came to a close soon.


What advice would you give new artists?


I’ll say this, just keep drawing, working, whatever, and never stop! I’ve been drawing for a long time and only have been able to learn my skills through learning and lots of practice. And I’m still growing and learning too. Don’t hold yourself back. Just do it. Don’t be afraid to ask for help but also don’t be blind and deaf when help is offered to you as well, it’s all right to take constructive criticism as it can help in the long run too when learning and working on your skills. Don’t get too discouraged. And more importantly, never give up!

And if you’d like to take a step into the “futaverse”, you can find Askfutashy [NSFW]here[NSFW], and Futaquestria [NSFW]here[NSFW].

  • Anonymous

    Any chance we could get an artist who doesn’t clop to ponies next week?

    • Anonymous

      A lot of the most talented artists in the fandom are involved in the R34 community. So you’re just going to have to deal with it.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that’s just shallow and you’re just making an ass of yourself.

      • Anonymous

        No no, it’s cool. We can totally be furries and have sexual deviancy be a promenint feature of our fandom. Or we could keep out porn a bit harder to find so not every brony comes off as a perv. That would be swell.

        • derpymatic

          damn, chill the fuck out bro.

          i like this format. and i like how CL’s ponies sorta look like real horses–it’s quite unusual, but not in a bad way. these artist features are enjoyable, i appreciate it.

        • Anonymous

          I agree. This is the first DHN post I’ve really been disappointed in…

          I personally have no problem with R34. What I *do* have a problem with is R34 becoming as prominent as it is in the furry fandom. I mean, did you really have to put those links to the NSFW tumblrs in the second paragraph? Before you even begin the interview?

          Posts like this one, which just casually suggest, “Oh, and if you want, go check out this My Little Pony art tumblr, it contains pictures of a male Fluttershy’s penis cumming everywhere, or this other tumblr where you can see ALL the ponies with giant penises” can do no good for the fandom… all FiM fans are already walking on thin ice… And prominently featuring what the people outside the fandom would consider perverted and/or extremely creepy does not help.

          (Again, the futashy and r34 doesn’t even bother me. It’s just that were talking about it so casually, it seriously sounds like furrydom)

          • Anonymous

            I should add, I’m perfectly OK with this artist being featured. My only complaint is so cavalierly linking to the NSFW tumblrs.

          • Anonymous

            Wow, a lot of ignorant cowardly whiners here.

          • Anonymous

            If by alot you mean three then okay, Also i think that was complaining. This is whining: “baw! No one wants to accociate with a horse fucker, BAWWWW!”

          • I can agree on the links, which is why I just relocated them to within the post.

    • Anonymous

      Huh. For a minute I thought, surely not all the artists featured on DHN do R34.

      So I went back to the previous two artists of the weeks – and both had pony porn prominently featured on the dA / inkbunny profile links provided in the article…

  • Anonymous

    I thought this was about ponies? I only see dogs in the pictures above.

  • Anonymous

    What? Slugbox, I get it, he’s popular and not terrible at drawing, BCS is actually good, but CL of all people? Seriously? If this was week #150 then I don’t even mind but you’ve barely started, there is.. well pretty much everybody else, since there’s nobody below CL.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t much like CL either, or the association DHN has decided to make between us and wearing porn-on-their-sleeves furries (not to mention the rampant bestiality in CL’s work), but she isn’t a bad artist. And she’s certainly a better choice than Ross.

      • Anonymous

        It feels like a two-party system is emerging. DerpyHoovesNews now tries to appeal to anyone and everyone who is shunned by EqD… And that includes the furries of the FiM fandom. While not inherently bad, they are so used to cartoon porn/beastiality (since that’s such a huge part of furry fandom) that they think nothing of it, whereas viewed from outside, it makes it seem like this is the type of material all FiM fans (“bronies”) enjoy…

        DHN’s focus on news is great. But the community stuff is a little… lacking. Considering DerpySquad and/or plaster have talked about how they want others to realize that EqD isn’t the face of the fandom, and have tried to get this site more publicity, I just can’t see how prominently featuring pony porn artiss is at all a good idea…

        • I would say you’re thinking way too hard on the subject. I run a site, I post what I find interesting in the community when it comes to those posts (and in some cases I post things for other groups who want exposure). I don’t even look at EqD unless they actually post something news wise, I watch them on twitter and rss along with other pony sites, that’s about it.

          As for the Artists of the Week, talk to Gendid, its his article. Yeah, looking back it has been the racier artists in the community, probably because Seth has no balls and wouldn’t let Gendid post on them on EqD. I don’t tell him who he can or cannot interview. Basically everyone does there own thing here.

          As for “face of the fandom”, that’s Plaster’s thing. I don’t want that job, This site is a hobby, if it wasn’t ponies I’d probably be doing something else on the internet to dwindle the time away during these winter months.

  • Anonymous

    Just once…Just once I would like to see artists that actually NEED to be featured on Artist of the Week-like stuff. Everyone knows the “(in)famous” artists. How about finding some good diamonds in the rough, eh? I, for one, would love to discover new, talented artists that might otherwise be buried underneath all the usual stuff.

    • Our suggestion box is always open, who’d you like to see up here?

  • Anonymous

    I have an honest question. How much of the fandom clops to ponies? Or at least likes/actively looks at r34? The majority tend to say they don’t and criticize those who do.

    But I do, even though when I’m not posting as anon I deny it. And I know lots of people do considering the google autocomplete always suggests ” (pony name here) rule 34″

  • Anonymous

    There have been at least 3 polls on EqD over the time its been around that have shown consistently that around 25-30 percent of the fandom has or does “clop” to ponies. The first two were in the 30 percent range but the last one from a few months ago it was mid 20s percent range.

    • Wait….EqD actually had a poll on that? That to me is creepy.

      • Anonymous

        It wasn’t *only* for that FYI, it was in polls that asked “What parts of the MLP fandom do you partake in”? and “ClopClopCLop” was one of the options each time.

      • Anonymous

        They also had a poll regarding ponies in lingerie once.

        >mfw this fucking fandom

  • 8ftmetalhead

    EVERY fandom has things like this. We’re an internet fandom so we’re probably going to have a greater prevalence of it. That’s not to say CL shouldn’t be celebrated for what she does, and while you don’t want to have her porn work at the forefront, it’s nice to see we’re generally adult enough to quietly say ‘btw, she’s got porn in that back room if you want to go look’.

    • Anonymous

      Except a good chunk of the article is about Futashy, a PORN TUMBLR. That’s not quietly saying ‘btw, there’s porn in the back’, it’s taking a milk crate and megaphone out to Times Square and saying ‘HEY EVERYBODY, THERE’S PONY BESTIALITY PORN OVER YONDER!’

      Smooth moves, DHN.

  • Anonymous

    Did anyone even read the article, or is everyone just bitching about CartoonLion? =\

  • 8ftmetalhead

    it’s the internet. what do you think.

    • That everyone read the article with an open mind?


  • ScoobyDoo

    Ruh roh RartoonyRion is ry rarorite artists! She rives new rife to pony franchise and I rike that Rutashy has rollar rike mine! Rhaggy radly doesn’t read Rurashy recause he rates Ponies.

  • Gendid

    To address some concerns, there are a couple of reasons that I feature the artists that I do. The primary reason is availability. All three of my previous artists have been very accommodating and easy to get a hold of. I can’t interview someone I can’t reach! The second reason is a bit more complex.

    You see, other sites would shy away from commending these artists due to their more graphic content. I don’t believe that is right. Art is art in my eyes, and these individuals are very skilled artists. I feel it’s a shame that artist such as these are not recognized just because they create art that isn’t as ‘socially acceptable” as others.

    That’s not to say I won’t cover artists who do only SFW art. I actually have a few planned that you guys will really enjoy. And I will be a bit more careful where I place my links to help accommodate those who disagree with this content. However, I will not deny an artist a spotlight just because they do NSFW.

    However, that is neither here nor there. Please enjoy the interview, and give CartoonLion your love!