Artist of the Week: Megasweet!

Hello, and welcome once again to artist of the week! This week’s spotlight goes to Megasweet, a pony artist that has been with the fandom for a very long time. He was kind enough to sit down with me for an audio interview! You can find the youtube embed right after the break!

If you’d like to see more of Megasweet’s art, you can find him at his DA here and his Ask Smarty Belle tumblr here.

Derpy.TV – [DHN] Interview with Megasweet

YouTube Version

  • Anonymous

    Regarding this comment on the Youtube video:
    “Then their parents should probably pay attention to what websites their children are viewing, cause DHN is registered at a rating of M for Mature, ages 15 and above. Then add in the fact that 90% of the artist community draws some form of porn, I’d betcha money even the animators at DHX have stashed away their very own porn.”

    Really? I don’t see a “mature” rating or a content warning of any type on DHN.

    To be perfectly honest, I used to recommend DHN as a good alternative to EqD, but have stopped doing that. You’ve featured so many porn artists it’s ridiculous. It’s like you’re intentionally trying to highlight the people who make the fandom as a whole seem creepy and perverted. Seriously, make a “Derpy After Dark” or something for that, like EqD did.

    Regarding the second part of the comment, yes it seems a majority of fandom artists do porn as well. Do you really need to bring that up 10 seconds into the interview by introducing MegaSweet as “the second half of Futashy”?

  • Anonymous

    Another week, another batch of butthurt commenters with nothing better to do.

  • Anonymous

    I see the whiny comments have been deleted…but I would still like to voice my opinion. People seem to love to complain when an artist who happens to draw porn is given any attention. That’s bullshit. Just because an artist happens to draw NSFW material doesn’t mean they should be ignored. But in the case of MS, this is even more so. MS has done so much for the community! He has been here since close to the beginning, his artwork is featured on probably the most widely owned pony shirt, he lead the My Little Sweatheart art book and raised a few thousand dollars for charity, and to top it all off, he’s just all around a really nice guy. Those saying MegaSweet shouldn’t be interviewed are basically saying that one of the fandom’s most influential artists should be tossed aside and ignored. Fuck that.

  • Okay, time for business. I’ve put back the two other comments that I had removed, because as Anon 4:03 said, I got no issue when people voice their opinions.

    First off, Anon 2:10, go to the Staff page, scroll to the bottom where we have our disclaimer, copyright and privacy policy statements, namely disclaimer which states that this site is M for Mature. Also, I’m not retarded, I know kids are probably looking at this site, its why we try and keep it clean, but there’s another issue outside of porn I’m going to point out here.

    Yes, we learned from previous articles what we should probably avoid, but I’m not going to stop interviewing artists just because they have some porn attached to their portfolio. Yes, some of the artists Gendid has interviewed is very out front and dead center about their porn drawings, others are not.

    Megasweet is one, I looked at his entire DA folder, there is a handful or two of softcore pornographic pictures there. The only mention during the interview was Futashy, something most people wouldn’t probably have caught since it is not mentioned again, nor is it linked.

    The only reason someone is going to know, is because you stood up in the theater, pointed at the stage and screams OMG PORN. I might be concerned if it was many people doing this, but if you didn’t know, Anonymous on WordPress isn’t anonymous to its owner.

    Point in case, Friendship is Witchcraft, you are the one who pointed out the flsah artist in the episode also runs a porn tumblr. Who the hell is going to know that, EXCEPT for the fact you once again stood up in the theater, pointed and yelled OMG PORN.

    I can understand the uneasy feeling people get from pony porn, I don’t try and understand why people want to draw that. Personally what goes around now a days is pretty tamed, how about I show you CrookedTrees aka Railgunner circa 2010, it’ll make your hair turn white.

    Its time to quit whining and put your faith into this site, that we’re not going to go full blown porn or furry, or go full blown ego tripping over fandom people.

    Case in point. Daymare posted a Mic the Mic song last week, you stood up in the theater, pointed and went “OMG EqD 2.0” and you’ve commonly used EqD as some sort of tool, like we’re suddenly going to turn into them after a year and 4 months of not turning into them. For the record, I don’t put anyone higher than the next person, be it a “famous” person in this community, a court judge or the President. I’m not one of these people who think just because you have a ton of money or “power” that you deserve anymore rspect than the next guy, we are human, if I smash your skull with a hammer, you’re going to bleed.

    Last point on the difference between this site and EqD. EqD is Seth’s job, its how he makes money, and he has to keep his viewers extremely happy. This site has basically has no advertisements*, its not a job, its a hobby, a serious hobby but just a hobby in my book.

    So Anon 2:10, quit whining, and just put some trust. If not, there be the door, we’re not the only site doing this stuff. Sorry, but we didn’t sign the Love and Tolerance contract here, Tolerance is something any flesh bag should practice, but in the end it only goes so far.

    Non-Sober rant, over.

    * WLF does pay us for banner space, we don’t get anything if you buy a shirt, just a monthly fee that equates to enough to buy beer one night a month.

    • Anonymous

      Hi, this is Anon 2:10, I might’ve been (rightfully) banned from my original IP, as I can’t seem to access the site from my house, so I’m posting from a public spot… anyways, I know no one will read this but I want to apologize for being an asshat and posting the incessant anti-r34 comments. While my opinion on r34 remains, I promise I won’t post any more annoying comments on the matter. Sorry.

      I do appreciate this site, which is why I continue coming here even though, upon reading my previous comments, they make me sound like an asshole who hates this site. That’s not the case (the second part anyway), and despite what I said about not recommending the site, that’s not really true, i just got caught up in my opinion and started spewing things in an attempt to change people’s minds. But I realize that people’s views on things like r34 are valid, even if I don’t agree.

      And, sorry for not seeing the age warning before. That was my bad. My only real suggestion would be to make it a bit more prominent, possibly at the bottom of each page, with the copyright info.

      Again, sorry. I’ll try to live and let live.

  • And a basket of muffins to whoever draws me a picture of a crowded theater with one guy standing, pointing and screaming OMG PORN at the stage.

  • derpymaths

    ahaha YES! this is awesome. all you haters can suck it. megasweet fucking rules.

  • Jody Morgan

    From linking to Futashy and Futaquestria to saying “pornographic images which unfortunately seems to be heavy in this fandom” and deliberately downplaying Megasweet’s porn works? What’s happened?

  • Megasweet is a motherfucking pedophile and I hope God smites him.