Artist of the Week: Skoon!

Skoon interview

This week’s featured artist is Skoon, the moderator of the popular Ask Cherilee and Ask Berry Punch tumblrs! You can find his audio interview after the break.

(Warning: Content below the break may contain adult material (nsfw), Viewer Discretion is Advised!)

You can find Ask Berry Punch here, Ask Cherilee here, and ask Naughty Luna here! Also mentioned in the interview is the Ask Colgate mod Ashashi. You can find her Ask Colgate here, and her mod blog here!

Download MP3:

  • Jody Morgan

    How do you choose which artists you interview for this series?

    • Gendid

      Well, there is a couple of guidelines I try and follow. The first and foremost of which would be that the artists must be entertaining and interesting to read about. This includes how relevant I believe they are to the readers here, and to the fandom in general.
      The second criteria is the need of the artist. If I see an artist that is feeling particularly down, I try to get them in hopes of cheering them up. Happy artists make more pony, and more pony is always good.
      The final criteria is simply logistics, as in can I contact and set up an interview and get it ready in less then a week.
      All three of these guidelines factor into whom I pick to spotlight each week.