Artwork Aftershock – Its About Time + Dragon Quest

So we’ve kind of skipped a beat or two with the Artwork Aftershock articles, so I’ve combined the last two episodes into one giant gallery. Dragon Quest didn’t have too much art related to it, while Its About Time had tons of it. The only issue is after downloading and uploading 71 pictures, I derp’d, hit the escape button on my keyboard, and destroyed all the Artist/Link data I always include with these galleries. So between the choice of re-opening and redoing all the data or being lazy and just linking the DA folders I load these from, I’m linking my DA folder. I do apologize to the artists, I hate not including that information.

s2e20 – Its About Time (DA Folder)

s2e21 – Dragon Quest (DA Folder)

Old news is old but one of the local arguments with Its About Time was about who Twilight was based after. Most people aim towards Metal Gear Solid, while others lean towards Snake Plissken of the Escape From NY/LA movies. Truthfully she was probably based after both, since Solid Snake of Metal Gear is actually based around Snake Plissken of the Escape Movies. A little digging in the wikipedia articles on both characters will make note of this, even Solid Snake in MGS2 said his name was Iroquois Pliskin. Either way, TONS of artwork of Twilight (for once).

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