Stitch Kingdom has been excellent supplying pictures for the Toy Fair. If there’s any IP that you like, go check out his feed!

Licensed pony merch popped up just now.

Aurora has a line of plushies. They’re very similar to the NICI plushes we saw out of Germany. No Fluttershy, though.

Embroidered cutie marks, eyes and wing elements.

Character purses. The purses look like the character and come with matching small plushies.

There’s also normal purses with plushies, too. Also there’s Fluttershy! She just didn’t get to be up with anyone else.

The other side of the bag has the character’s cutie mark.

Not by Aurora: Sparkle and Shine puzzle set. Make the 100 piece puzzle the decorate it with stickers and glitter.

Coloring and hair activity sets.

  • WhiteGShepherd

    Oh my gosh!!! Aurora plushies are the BOMB!!!!! Can’t wait till these are released. :D