Derpy Hooves News is proud to present the very first edition of Beyond Equestria! Beyond Equestria is  an interview series with individuals and their colleagues  about projects that do not involve My Little Pony.  To kick off this series, we have the wonderful Peter New, voice of Big Mac, and the filmmakers Mike and Matt Granger, known also as The Granger Brothers! These three have been brought together by the common goal of bringing their film, Alien Abduction, to the public using the filmboosting website known as Cinecoup. Come listen to the history and advise of these industry professionals, as well as details on the film itself in an audio interview after the break! And if you’d like to help Alien Abduction reach it’s goal, go here to vote!

Gendid – Beyond Equestria: Peter New, The Granger Brothers, and Alien Abduction