Bronies for Good Calling for Prizes for Seeds of Kindness 2: Faithful and Strong

Applejack (Hair Down) by EP-777

Applejack (Hair Down) by EP-777

The next Bronies for Good fundraiser in the Seeds of Kindness line is taking shape, but Bronies for Good needs more prizes as extra incentives for the donors. The prize list of the last Seeds of Kindness fundraiser boasted two plushie commissions, an art commission, and several other kinds of commissions, along with finished physical prizes. The My Little Remix album Faithful and Strong for the next fundraiser is already coming along great, so please help make the prize pool just as impressive!

The past fundraiser already contributed several thousand euro to the Safe Project in Uganda, but its second incarnation will focus on it completely. The Safe Project is an orphanage that is planning to expand to accommodate more than fifty orphans and street children who would otherwise have been forced to steal to survive and provide them with food, education, and a new family. To be able to run this orphanage sustainably, without outside help, they want to build a chicken farm to invest its profits back into their care for the children. This is where they need our one-time help!

Below the press release from Bronies for Good.

Thanks to the contributions of so many musicians and artists and to
the generosity of you all, Seeds of Kindness has managed to raise over
€37,000 ($47,000) and fully fund three Your Siblings projects: a
clinic in Uganda, the Green Village for street children in Burundi and
the expansion of an orphanage in Tanzania.

Following this success, dozens of musicians from the pony fan
community over at My Little Remix are now close to the completion of
another charity album, Faithful and Strong. All proceeds will go
towards funding the Safe Project in Uganda, an HIV-stricken country
where more than 2.3 million children are orphaned due to AIDS. By
expanding the orphanage and building a chicken farm to guarantee its
long-term sustainability, this project will provide to this lost
generation care and education and guarantee them a brighter future.

To help support this cause, we are looking for gifts and prizes to be
offered to the top donors, such as custom figurines, plushies,
paintings, commissions for any of these, or electronic items such as
games. With the previous iteration of Seeds of Kindness, the sum of
all donations from the ten prize winners added up to as much as €9,800
thanks to these generous contributions! If you would like to offer
such items, please contact us at [email protected].

Thank you all so much once again for your amazing ongoing support,

Bronies for Good

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