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Press Release from the Brony Thank You Commercial Project. In short serious business of forming a federally tax exempt organization (for those pondering the legality of this), and then any money from that point since the project is just about funded will go towards a charity. Script will be approved by The Hub. Full press release after the page break.

  – Ad is almost funded, Thank You Project about to transition to general charitable fundraising.
  – Project incorporates as NH Non-Profit, “The Brony Thank You Fund, Incorporated”
  – Initial board meeting and election of board of directors has occured
First, a quick update.  We are now around $300 net (around $350 in donations) away from fully funding the advertisement and the costs associated with printing and distributing the posters (to be created by PixelKitties) that are owed to donors who chose that perk.  Once that goal is met (sometime tomorrow, most likely), we will transition to general fundraising to be used for charitable purposes only, and to establish the newly created fund as a federally tax exempt organization.  In other words, even people who object to the advertisement will be able to give without reservations, because any money raised at that point will go strictly to charitable purposes.
We are still waiting for script approval from the Hub, as soon as that is received we will open up the video submission process, more details to follow on that.  We will also be, later in the summer, looking for a composer to create the backing music for the ad, they will have the chance to work with William Anderson on the production of the track.
Organizational News
On Wednesday, May 9th, the incorporators of The Brony Thank You Fund, Incorporated met for an initial organizational meeting.  The incorporators adopted the bylaws of the corporation, and appointed the following persons to a one year term as members of the board of directors of the corporation:
James “Coder” Turner – Chairperson of the Board and Recording Secretary
Monica “PixelKitties” Carlino
Andrew Sheingold
Daniel Nottingham
The board moved to appoint the following officers of the corporation:
James Turner – President
Andrew Sheingold – Interim Vice-President
The board moved to delegate the responsibilities of treasurer and secretary to the office of the president until such time as they desired to appoint such officers.
A motion was adopted to authorize the president to establish bank accounts in the name of the corporation, and to spend such funds as had already been collected, and any funds collected between this and the next meeting of the board, for the following purposes:
1) To fund the production and airing of a series of commercial on The Hub network.
2) To establish the corporation as a federally recognized 501(c)(3) charitable entity.
3) To deliver donations to charitable organizations.
It was the sense of the board that no funds should be expended toward pursuing federal tax-exempt status until at least $1,000 had been passed on to other charities.
The full meeting minutes can be found here:
The bylaws of the corporation can be found here:
About the Brony Thank You Fund:
The Brony Thank You Fund is a NH registered non-profit corporation.  It is currently involved in the production of an advertisement to thank the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic staff for their excellent work in creating the show, and to encourage donations by the public to worth charities.  Once the advertisement is funded, the Fund intends to pursue federal tax exempt 501©(3) status, and to become a general charitable fundraising organization of behalf of the bronies.
  • Hoppip

    Buying an advertisement is not charitable.

  • James Turner

    Actually, since the ad ends by urging viewers to donate to charities, it is in fact charitable, and within the scope of the objectives of the corporation, which includes the promotion of donations to charities.


  • Zaehlas

    I understand why some are against this. I get it. But in the Love and Tolerance way, donate to your charities, and let the Bronies have their say as well. Win, Win.

    In addition since the majority of the advertising money is directly supporting the Hub, and indirectly supporting the makers of MLP:FIM, it also directly supports the reason we are all together.

    Please give to charities if you can. Also buy the products from Hasbro that fund MLP. This advertisement is essentially buying a product from Hasbro in addition to showing our appreciation, and immortalizing our culture in the most unique way possible.

    The money has been donated, and some people are working very hard donating their free time to see that this works. I can’t see any of this as bad.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    We’ve donated tens (probably hundreds collectively) of thousands to charity. I’m all for making a difference but you’ve got to give a little back to yourself sometimes too.

  • I disagree with this entirely, in fact, I believe any support for this should be pulled, immediately.

    They cook up a poorly thought out idea for a “public service message” commercial to Hasbro and the Hub, manage to raise a ton of money in a controversial manner, and now they fancy themselves a 501c “brony” charity group. Let’s think about this for a second.

    Have any of these people presented qualifications that make them eligible to run an organization like this? Are they drawing for any real organizing experience in putting together fundraisers, charity work, or social justice projects? Why was the process of electing members to this organization (To supposedly represent the brony community at large) held in complete secrecy? Why has this process been undertaken with such a minimal level of transparency or accountability? What about the charities they support, will they have commitments to transparent, locally run community-based projects?

    I have yet to find any information that this organization has attempted to make such concerns a priority, let alone place this as the central focus of the organization. Community and social service is in it’s nature, an act of reciprocity and mutual effort to better the circumstances of our oppressed Brothers and Sisters. The organizers of “The Brony Thank You Project” to me, seem to be in this scheme primarily for credit, good karma, influence, and publicity. I urge you my fellow bronies to regard this organization with caution, and to be sure to remain critical of their intentions and goals for if these fellows are not true, inclusive, or direct in their action, then under no circumstances should we support them. Just my two cents.

    • Look left…. look right.

      Nope just you, Crazy. :)

  • Kyderra

    Hey guys, i’m the guy from the giant Reddit drama post, apologies for that, blame me for the things you received and not the gal on DA

    anyway, I thought the add was gonna cost 2k and the rest was gonna go to charity (16k), how can it suddenly still need $350? was the idea altered, i’m confused.

    ether way, I would still love it if it was about the charity that was inspired by MLP rather then ” we are Bronies” in this commercial, but O well, what are you gonna do, i’ll enjoy it and see it when it airs.
    Considering you guys managed to get Willian Anderson aboard it resorted a rather large amount of faiths in this.

    • It’s a 10 spot run on the week leading up to the premier of the new season in October. Basically we will say thank you and urge folks to donate toys and what not to charities like Toys4Tots. It’s all there for folks to see as they progress on the indiegogo page and the official forum as well.


  • Peanut Crunch

    Knowing just how many people are opposed to this ad airing and how much support the BronyCon documentary is getting, part of me wishes Thank You Fund Inc. would team up with the doc people and produce an ad for the doc instread.

    Since their aim is to thank the people behind MLP, perhaps the thank you speech could be put in the end credits, a much more tasteful place for it than a commercial break on The Hub. Anderson could still work on the music, of course. In the event that revenue from the film goes to charities, there’s the charity involvement. Everypony wins.

    I’ll just assume that there’s too many hoops to jump through, though, but it’s a dream.