And so with the setting sun, Bronycon comes to a close. This was definitely the largest gathering in the community to date, with about 1000 in attendance at the Hotel Penn in NYC, and probably about 3000 viewers on the live broadcast. There wasn’t any major news or incidents, questions were moderated during the panels, so no one asked any creepy questions. God knows what went on to the right of the camera, but for the online people all we saw was the stage.

We got to see demos of two of the three major games being worked on. Equestria Online is coming along very nicely, unfortunately their panel was cut short due to spillage from other panels. Fighting is Magic will be without a doubt popular with everyone, and looks awesome. The Fiends from Dream Valley team was there, but unfortunately wasn’t scheduled for any air time, the game was available for play out in the main bowels of the place.

The one chunk of news is that Lauren Faust will be attending the next Bronycon (planned for the end of June).

Anyways, enough serious pony for the business, I am punching out to go have some fun now. All notes and info taken by me is beyond the page break. We lack info from the musical side of things, namely the Community Musician Panel and Ingram himself (Ingram loves to talk). We’ll be filling in the blanks on those hopefully in the next 24.


Update: Added a link to Ponyleaks which has great notes on the VA and Ingram panels. Click here to see what Telofy got info wise.

Update 1/8/12 – Now has videos of the VA Panel and Ingram Interview.

Update 1/9/12 – Now has video from the Fighting is Magic panel. See earlier article posted today for HD of the VA panel.

Update 1/10/12 – HD Video of the musicians panel now available thanks to Paul of BarnardFilms.

Today is the day of Bronycon 2012, probably the largest gathering in this fandom to date. In attendance today from Studio B is Andrea Libman, Ashleigh Ball, Nicole Oliver, and Daniel Ingram (via skype). Also inside the battle field are DHN members Plaster & Fadsy. Plaster himself will be helping out with several of the panels, thanks to our friends at Bronyville Podcast and Everfree Radio. Other friends of DHN in attendance are Equestria Online, who will be hosting a panel on their project, and also giving people a hands on demo of the MMO. We also have the crew from the Fiends of Dream Valley, who will be showcasing a demo for their stand alone flash game.

This post will act as a catch all for information. Many of the panels will be broadcasted over Everfree Radio and the DHS Shoutcast Server if you want to listen in. We will also be updating this article with notes and information as they come in.

[ Schedule ]

  • 10am to 11am – Bronyville + Everfree Radio panel.
  • 11:30am to 12:15pm – Musicians panel.
  • 12:15pm to 1pm – Equestria Online panel.
  • 1pm to 2pm – Artist panel.
  • 2pm to 3pm – Fighting is Magic panel.
  • 3:30pm to 5pm – Voiceover Actress Panel.
  • 5pm to 6pm – Daniel Ingram Skype Q&A,

For the complete schedule, click here.

Tune into the internet broadcast here.

[Tune In]

Everfree Radio

Equestria Online Stream (going live at 12:30pm EST)

[ Misc Notes ]

  • Lauren Faust confirmed for the June 31st Bronycon.
  • FOX News spotted in the crowd.

[ Voiceover Actress Panel Notes ]

  • [Andrea Libman]
  • In the business for over 20 years.
  • Dinobabies, Madaline, Reboot.
  • Inspirational VA – Nicole Oliver.
  • Working on Maya the Bee, playing Maya.
  • Seen a ton of fan art.
  • Favorite Song: Fluttershy’s lullaby. (Sung the intro).
  • Most like Twilight Sparkle, she likes reading and books.
  • [Ashleigh Ball]
  • In a band, Hey Ocean! Touring through NY shortly.
  • In the game for only 5 or 6 years ago.
  • Barbi, voice of Oppsy Bear (Carebare), Strawberry Shortcake.
  • Ponies a great gig.
  • Vocal injury true (we reported it here).
  • Didn’t really have an inspirational va growing up.
  • Working on Voltron Force. Also part of the Iron Man series.
  • Has seen Myskinsoft Pony Remover (I think that’s what she’s talking about).
  • Season 3 is looking real good, Stay Tuned.
  • Favorite Show Song: The pet song with Andrea.
  • (Favorite Pony): Wants to be Pinkie Pie because she’s a party animal.
  • [Nicole Oliver]
  • In the business for over 20 years.
  • First cartoon was He-man and the Masters of the Universe
  • Theater actresses, performers. Big career in theater.
  • Educated in England.
  • Starting work on Super Natural next week.
  • Asks fandom to be pro-charity.
  • Personal Favorite Lines: Enjoyed reading the long intro. Loves to say everypony. Likes to search out where writers missed horse puns.
  • Favorite pony and what pony they are most like: Princess Celestia.
  • [MISC]
  • Vancouver – Canadian Hollywood
  • VA’s are happy with what the show does, and the community that has formed around it.
  • Positive feedback from the VA’s on the community the formed around the show.
  • Ask if the style of recording helps feed their acting (being recorded as a group rather than individually). All agree yes.
  • They look forward to their recording sessions at Studio B.
  • Rarity’s Va makes cookies.
  • All recording at Studio B, Season 1 had some recording such as at a studio owned by a friend of Ingram.
  • The VAs do browse the fandom at times.
  • Maddy Peters (VA of Scootaloo) running a charity to raise $10,000 for the drought in Africa, has about $4000 now.
  • Season 3 confirmed yet again.
  • Alex S asks what are the chances of VAs working with the community musicians. The VAs encourage using the show material. Alex S might get some voice recordings tonight from the VAs.
  • VAs have not been horrified by Bronycon and would all return.
  • Someone gave Nicole Oliver a framed picture of Princess Celestia (and won a hug from Nicole).

[ Daniel Ingram Q&A ]

– There will be better notes written, Ingram enjoys talking and there was a good hours worth of interview. Here are the few things jotted down.
  • Fan of acoustic remixes. Issued a challenge for an acoustic remix for Pinkie Pie’s Laughter Song.
  • Gave props to the community for all the great music that has been produced.
  • Gave a shoutout to Eurobeat Brony and RainbowCrash88
  • Hinted at more great songs coming out this season, said his ‘favorites’ aren’t really from Season 1 anymore.
  • Pinkie Pie’s Laughter Song was his “resume” to DMX and Studio B on the composer job.
  • Fan of electronic, dubstep and of course remixes. Has an electronic side project (can’t talk about it).

[ Musicians Panel Notes ]

[Equestria Online Panel Notes]

  • Pegasuss can fly. Unicorns have magic. Earth ponies are resilant in battle and can farm.
  • Mane 6 will not appear (due to copyrights).
  • Battle will be real time.
  • Background ponies, yes, but probably not with their names due to copyrights (though notes most of them have fan made names).
  • Hasbro is aware, but no other info.
  • No in game voice chat.
  • EO will host their own servers, won’t be freelance like minecraft or tf2 servers.

[ Mane 6: Fighting is Magic Panel Notes ]

  • 3 Button Fighter.
  • Light / Medium / Heavy attacks.
  • Universal Launcher for air combo (uppercut).
  • Combo Systems.
  • Super Meter System (3 levels, filled during all 3 matches).
  • Magic System – Characters have special abilities.
  • Counter Attacks.
  • Grab + Throw abilities (W.I.P.)
  • Applejack – lasso move. 3x Stomp attack.
  • Twilight – Uses book for magical attacks
  • Level 3 Attacks (Twilight does her super saiyan move)
  • Rarity & Pinkie under construction.
  • Rarity is a ‘long range’ style character.
  • Pinkie combo master. (Also headbutting master).
  • Rarity’s magic system is going to to involve enchanting gems.
  • Pinkie’s magic system is going to be a surprise, quite literally.
  • At least 1 grappler in the roaster.
  • The release will feature the Mane 6, with DLCs for additional characters.
  • plaster

    lots of mad going around, i wish i could have gotten the guys together for an aftermath interview session. maybe i’ll plan something for when we all get home

  • No_Longer-Anon

    >EO will host their own servers, won’t be freelance like minecraft or tf2 servers.

    Hahahhahahaha yeah okay. GF servers in the first hour of release.

  • Trollestia5K

    Looking forward to the full report, Plaster.

  • I’ve been told it smelled like bacon there. +1 for watching from afar.

  • Belkin

    Where was the Dream Valley Game all this time ?

    • plaster

      they had a demo setup in the artists alley/hallway

  • Hi everyone- and specifically Plaster! Thank you for hanging out with me and hosting the artist’s panel and just being awesome in general! I really had an amazing time and looking forward to seeing you again in June!

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