If you still bother to watch G4, today you may have seen Mike Opels, the Vice-Chair of Bronycon being interviewed by Paul Scheer of the variety news program, Attack of the Show. They spoke about the usual “what a brony is” and “where bronies came from” before they gave away a SDCC exclusive Derpy Hooves figure to a viewer on Twitter.

Our condolences go out to plaster.

  • Anonymous

    I feel for the interviewer, he had to go within 10 feet of a real, live brony.

  • anun

    this was more positive than usual. that’s always good.

  • Njiska

    That was just positive for G4 in general.

  • Ryan C

    This is exactly the type of thing that’s healthy for our fandom. A bit of playful jabbing and skepticism, but overall positive interest and a real way to explain just what’s going on. Loved it.

  • plaster

  • Daniel Eys

    ya from what I can see they handed this thing with great and I think the show host is a brony. :)

  • Mika-Chan

    This… This is why I love G4 TwT

  • SurfPenguin

    Typical G4 bullkaka: They talk to people about things they’re passionate about, but underneath is the whole subvibe of ‘hey viewers! Aren’t you glad you’re not THESE losers?’