BronyCon: The Documentary Update – Release Date and Formats

There's an interesting discussion about P2P in the comments section, perhaps it's worth a read.

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The $300K Bronycon documentary has revealed their plans for release.  While they had initially planned for September (mind, this was when they were only expecting $60,000 and were planning to do something much smaller), they now intend to release the documentary this November.

The digital download for the movie will be in DRM-free MP4 format, either in 720p or 1080p, to be decided.  The physical discs (which include the movie and extended interviews) will be 1080p Blu-ray only (regional restrictions made DVD release difficult).  They also intend to create mini-features on Galacon in Germany and BUCK in the UK; using footage from all three, they intend to release a film festival documentary called (as one could probably guess) Bronies.

Read the full length writeup here.

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