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Japanese collectible card game company Bushiroad is going to bring the G4 line of pony toys to Japan, as announced at a press conference today, streamed through Nico Nico Douga.  The press release also states that they intend to produce a Japanese dub (using the subtitle トモダチは魔法, literally “Friends are Magic”) of Friendship is Magic, to air on TV Tokyo and other stations starting in April.  No word yet on voice actors. [Update: reports that 4 VA’s from the anime Tantei Opera Milky Holmes have signed onto the project.  Suzuko Mimori  will voice Pinkie Pie, Sora Tokui will voice Applejack, Mikoi Sasaki will voice Rarity, and Izumi Kitta will voice Rainbow Dash.  The other two Seiyuu of the Mane 6 will be announced in March.]  Interestingly, the release states that the show is popular with adults in America as well as little children.  One wonders just how much of the fandom they know…

ReadMe!Girls no Nikki/Zasshi also has pictures and reports on the merchandise aspect.  The dolls are, of course, marketed to preschool and elementary school girls, while general merchandise is to be marketed to high school and college age women.

  • Lors

    If that “Japan reacts to MLP episode” tumblr is correct, the fandom over there isn’t as different as one might think. They remind me of early 2011 bronies.

  • NoTorso

    Huh, I’m not really that much into Japanese culture but I am really interested in what the VAs are going to sound like. It’s good that Japan is getting an official dub and some merch, I’ve read that there’s a small but dedicated fanbase over there.