I always had a feeling there was something more brewing behind General Derpy than just a series of pictures, and it seems tonight Equestria-Prevails proved my feelings correct. Released a few hours ago is a 10 page comic series dubbed NRG – Prologue. I won’t spoil the story minus the Derpy part, but this is obvious an ongoing project which we will follow to the end. Beyond the page break are the ten pages (and links back to their dA counterparts for commenting), and this article will get updated and bumped when new pages are released. Enjoy.

[NRG on DeviantArt]
  • Anonymous

    Pure awesomeness!

  • Leishy

    Aww… :x

  • iisaw

    Beautifully done! I really hope they follow the story through to its conclusion. A comic like this is a huge amount of work.

    • Anonymous

      Dame right

  • Cheer Heart

    I love this… IT NEEDS TO BE FINISHED. Also, why did they change the appearance of Luna? The only reasoning I have for it is that Luna is that it’s Luna’s weakened appearance, like when she was first released from Nightmare Moon’s grasp.