Dan Ingram Interview on 91.8 The Fan

Just in on the Derpy Hooves news floor (or submit inbox)…

On May 26th 2011, from 2pm to 3pm PST (5pm to 6pm EST), Daniel Ingram, musical composer of FiM will be interviewed by The Fan.  You might remember these guys from the Tara Strong interview, though I’m sure Ingram is probably more aware (especially by now) of the fandom that dwells on the internet.

All bronies are welcome to join The Fan’s IRC channel during the interview, which can be found on the Rizon network, #918thefan.  If you’re not an IRC user, you can hit up the web chat.  And of course you can listen via the giant [LISTEN NOW] button found on their website, 918thefan.com.

If you’re not going to be around, well then you can catch the recording which will be uploaded to their website, and possibly a youtube afterwards (depending on edit time).  So either way, you won’t miss it.

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