There is no real news going on, so time for Derpy Artwork Dump II, which looks like it might just be a once a month type deal.  Tons and tons of great Derpy pictures recently, so I’ll contain it behind a page break.  This page break, you don’t need to fear (like My Little Problem).

The latest from Madmax.  I do enjoy how innocent Derpy looks in this, and then you add on another picture I came across.


Mittens is this weeks socks, Derpy says so.

  • derpymaths

    pixelkitties is the best, hooves down. is that the killer robot from robocop? oh, derpy…

  • pixelkitties

    Thank you for posting my crazy derpy ED209/Doctor Who/Futurama/Harry Potter/Everything Else mashup from heck!

    Being associated with DerpyHoovesCentral makes me feel 20%…oh, you know. =)

    Thanks guys!