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Well there seems to be at least a few people in the world who found Derpy’s appearance and personality on the show today to be offensive. More or less dubbing that she is fully mentally handicapped and not just clumsy.

Derpy has had many personalities over the past year, ranging from full blown handicapped to the point that she was unable to speak, or spoke using incorrect words to of course just being clumsy. I’m going to assume that most of the community feels the same way, but lets take a poll on it.

Below the “fan rating” poll which can be closed with the X button (found top right), underneath you will find a second poll asking the simple question. Mentally Handicapped or Just Clumsy.

As someone who is clumsy and tends to “murder” certain words when speaking (mispronouncing  them), I’m alright with this. Its why Derpy has always been #1 in my book, fan made or not.

And of course, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

“To be, a Ditz is an airhead or idiot. But to Derp is just being clumsy or a bit awkward. Much nicer connotation!”

  • Bluflare

    Well I have no issues with it it’s not really much of a big deal to actually bring up.

    People are having problems with the name, and so on.

    First of all without that anon who found her we may have never got the chance of actually being able to see her with this role she has.

    Besides Lauren pretty much gave in herself when she drew her, and sold her for auction putting down her name as derpy hooves.

    There that takes care of that

    Fans found her so they named her.

    Next is how she acts, and the VA there is nothing wrong with the voice it shows no sign of retardation at all. Yes maybe a bit slow, but animators have made slow characters before does not make them retarded.

    I mean look at Big the cat he is slow yet he is capable of learning and is not mentaly disabled in the slightest just like derpy. It does not take him 5 minutes to remember to put one foot before the other. Big is clumsy to.

    But be honest the people who are hating the VA you guys should be thankful for Hub to actually allow this for you guys yet alone you all shoot it down.

    Derpy is a smart pony even though slow, and clumsy but that’s how most people are they are not all retarded I mean I had a family memeber who could only spit out a few words at a time yet alone walk correctly.

    We had to help him most of the time no one had to help derpy period.

    quit being so judgemental guys.

    • Graem

      Agreed. After all, let’s never forget the infamous line spoken by “Bonbon,” and particularly the way in which it was spoken — “I DIDN’T PUT THOSE IN MY BAG!”

      • Yeah, but Bonbon is a budding actress. She’s spoken like… three times– and had a different voice every time. She just wants to be a Broadway pony. ^.^

    • Anonymous

      I was horrified at the clips I saw of her.

  • How about we say neither and move on in life? All I have to say is that I’m quite sorry to hear that people are taking offense in this episode when really this episode is just plain awesome

    • Bluflare

      Yeah I agree kind of pathetic

  • LookingWayTooDeepIntoThings

    Derpy actually seemed to show the characteristics of somepony who is a deaf mute with the ability to read lips. The nasally voice is one bit of evidence supporting this, but if you look at her scene again, Derpy never seems to be at attention unless another pony is directly in front of her. Taking into account how accident prone she is, it wouldn’t be outlandish to assume that Derpy could have destroyed her own hearing at a young age.

    If this is the case, then should is at the same intelligence level with every other pony, if not higher (reading lips is not an easy thing to learn).

    • Jackie

      That would make Derpy like Marlee Matlin who is awesome!

  • Hoppip



    • Anon


      God I am hearing this word way too much lately. Apparently spell check doesn’t even recognize it as a word. I just wish people would stop taking these ponies and what they do so damn seriously. It’s one of the things we really need to work on.

      None of this was directed at your sarcastic post, obviously.

    • Graem

      I chuckled. Nice sarcasm!
      I like to think of Snails as the “Newfie” pony, being a Canuck, although I have nothing against Newfoundlanders whatsoever. Spent last summer there, actually. Wonderful people, beautiful culture.

      But hey, we all have silly accents in some way. Re-watch the part of “Boast Busters” when Snails says, “Stop screwin’ around, eh!” But hey, interpretations are interpretations.


      • Present Perfect

        Snails is best Newfie. :V

        • Kenny

          ha, another canadian brony!
          I can totally see it being a canadian or at least a michigan youper accent or something. I think snips and snails aren’t the most brilliant characters, but they’re endearing nonetheless.

  • WesWolf

    I thought her voice was cute, and no more offensive than any other cartoon with a slightly dopey character. She didn’t seem mentally handicapped at all, just absent minded.

    • Bluflare

      THANK YOU your comment is very smart, and sophisticated. (no lie)

  • Anonymous

    I know you made this post to make things a bit more clean for everyone, but really something like this should not even be discussed, I have no idea..scrap that, the reason why it’s discussed because people are stupid and on the Internet there are no boundaries, they’re free to express their stupidity all the way.
    I agree with her being simply slower, she was clearly not retarded, just clumsy, and Derpy is in no way offensive because it’s an undefined word in the first place – how could it be offensive?
    And oh the people who go “And this is what they teach little girls?”, at the very least, please don’t breed.

    • Anon

      Sadly, I can see the last part of your being covered in some sort of negative media. It’s truly ridiculous how overblown some people make things. Maybe I’m just being pessimistic.

  • Bluflare

    also I have two cousins 5, and 7 who I watched this with today they told me that she was very funny, and they wanted a Derpy toy.

    I asked them “is she stupid looking to you” they told me “No she looks great” I aslo asked “Do you like the name” they told me yes. I told them that her name was going to be called ditzy doo. They told me that they liked derpy.

    • Graem

      Heartwarming! Thanks for the story. Hope it was true. =)

  • Stahi

    Something tells me if her voice was more high-pitched/blonde-airheadish then there wouldn’t be the divide and she was just a clumsy “ditz”

    But because her voice sounded like she had Down Syndrome it’s causing a bit of rage. :/

    • Hoppip

      She doesn’t sound much different than snails does, and people don’t say he has downs.

    • Agreed.
      The slight voice error made in relation to the character’s gender is most likely the cause for this massive hype.
      But I’m sure it’ll be rectified soon enough.

  • I don’t care if this turns out into a full on Boston bar brawl in here, but no posting “sources” of this anger, I will shotgun the comment off the page.

    • Anonymous

      Now I can respect the fudge out of this. Good Jeorb D.S.

    • Graem

      Good work, DerpySquad!

      I actually checked them out while they were visible here. Didn’t fire me up too much, but I can totally agree that “sourcing” rage won’t help.

      Also, I chuckled at “Boston Brawl.” Kudos.

  • Graem

    Well, I had fun. She seemed more like a super klutz with a silly voice to me. But even if she is supposed to be that… I can’t believe I’m saying this… that, “retard,” RD was still trying to be nice to her and accept her. You know how angry she can get.

    Sure, she’s a silly character. Thanks to a definite voice and name combined, she got bumped up from “background” to “secondary.”

    Personally, I was ecstatic to see her get addressed by name. I heard her voice and at first was thinking, “I dunno,” but when she made that “Newfie” inflection, I just smiled. She’s not retarded. She’s just extra Snails-y and super klutzy. Factor in cartoon exaggeration, and you get my interpretation.

    Now, if she started saying things like “HURRRRRR! BOOP BEEP, BA-DOOOP!” I might have thought she was “dumb,” too. But retarded? No.

    Did you notice how nopony on the show outright hated her, and nopony was praised for chastising her? If that happened, I’d get concerned.

    Opinions are opinions anyway, man. I’m just glad a lot of people didn’t think of her as “retarded” and a negative stereotype.

    Have a great day, everybody.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Derpy was adorable. I loved her voice and personality in the episode and didn’t find her to be offensive in any way. People need to learn to take the show less seriously and just enjoy it.

    • Ultamia

      Agreed, the cartoon is originally directed towards young girls, they enjoy this kind of stuff, and we need to learn to as well! I loved every part of the Derpy scene!

      People are taking this way too seriously. But I say just leave them be for now, it will all die down in a week or so. Maybe less.

  • Iva

    One can be offended by something and still intensely enjoy the show. I for one do feel that Derpy’s speech pattern followed a lot of negative stereotypes of cognitively disabled folks. And yes, it made me sad. I also enjoyed the rest of the episode. I don’t think the way our beloved Derpy was portrayed would exactly fall into the category of “best practices” concerning representation of disability in television. I *do* think that small bits of negative representation like that within the context of a children’s show are harmful. Kids pick up on things. I really like this site. As I’ve said before, it is the only pony fan site I visit on the regular. That said, it saddens me that commenters are denying “ableism” as something that is very real and damaging. It can be alienating and frustrating to navigate this world with a disability. That you would deny the discrimination many of us have faced is unnerving.

  • TheLoneLampman

    At first I thought they over-did it, but after watching a few more times it really doesn’t seem so ‘bad’ and started to grow on me a bit.

    As long as they don’t ramp it up, she’s a-okay in my book.

    • Same here! At first I thought it was a bit much, but after watching it several times, it’s just fine. Also, what if Studio B is intending to actually -make- her a disabled character? Not for laughs or to make fun of her, but to actually show that people with disabilities exist, and that they shouldn’t be treated any different, even if they sound different, or are a clutz. Hell, they had several down syndrome characters on Glee! We really just have to wait and see what Hasbro plans to do with her.

      Anyway– Derpy is cool with me. I’m ecstatic that our fandom has elevated a background pony with an animation error in the first episode to a secondary character with a full personality! This community (including the folks @ Hasbro and Studio B) is 20% more awesome than anyone else. ^.^

  • anon

    I love the fact that Derpy got a chance to speak in the show. Yes, she is very clumsy and yes, RD was a little short with her, but to me she just came across as that doofy friend who trips over her own feet… And I happen to be that kind of person: I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, I’m so uncoordinated! ;)

    I find her voice adorable, especially when she’s cheering for AJ. Not every girl sounds like Barbie, and I’m glad she got a unique voice!

    I really don’t see how people find the name “Derpy” offensive or ableist. I have NEVER heard it used as any sort of synonym for “retarded”, I’ve only heard it used as meaning “silly” or “goofy”. I myself have been referred to as being “derpy” quite often, and I’ve never felt offended by being called that. I call myself “derpy”, even!

    Hopefully with her boost to secondary character, Derpy will eventually get some merch of her own, and maybe even an episode! The episode could be about how we should accept and forgive people’s clumsiness, I can see RD being the one who gets to learn how to accept others who aren’t as athletically gifted as she is.

  • Painless Wolf

    I loved Derpy today! Finally! She gets her voice and is recognized as Canon. As far as the debate over mentally not there or just clumsy? Well, there shouldn’t even be a debate. She’s just clumsy and sweet. Seriously, she uses full sentences and has recognizable abilities and memory use. Luna! No question. I’m happy she’s there and as for Rainbow Dash being short with her, that’s just Rainbow Dash being Rainbow Dash. She’s short with everyone. On to Equestria!

  • I could see why some people might be offended by her, but really I didn’t find anything wrong with how she was portrayed at all.

    Plus all good cartoons have always had a ‘dopey’ character.

    As long as she stays in a supportive background role and isn’t give hardship when she does appear then I don’t think there’s going to be anything wrong.

  • Anonymous

    She might’ve appeared a bit air headed, but I just assumed she’s that clumsy and she doesn’t give a f about it (or even better, she just plays her social role of being the one to break things).
    I wouldn’t like to see her being actually retarded, because it wouldn’t be funny then. You wouldn’t dare laughing at handicapped ponies, would you?

  • Anonymous

    I think her voice was just a bit deep. First time I heard her I could have sworn I heard a lisp of some sort, but upon repeat hearings there actually isn’t one.

    I’d personally prefer giving her the same kind of cheery cute voice all the other girl ponies (except bonbon) have. Make it less deep and that’ll eliminate the debate.

    For her behavior I’d make her less of a walking catastrophe and just leave her at clumsy, but today’s appearance was more of a gag anyways.

    • anon

      And girls can’t have deeper voices? :/ I’m sorry, but I hate it when people want all cartoon females to sound like they’ve been huffing helium.

      Not all girls have high-pitched voices, and I love that Derpy has a deeper voice, I think it’s perfectly adorable just the way it is.

      • Anonymous

        Of course girls can have deeper voices. I’m just expressing my opinion, don’t turn this into a “people can be whatever they want to be” issue.

        But compare her to Rainbow Dash or Applejack. They both have relatively deep voices for women (more Applejack, RD just has a rougher sounding voice), but neither of them sound dumb. I think that the depth of Derpy’s pitch may have made some people think she sounds handicapped instead of just clumsy/silly/deep voiced.

        • anon

          I’ve never met a handicapped person who sounds like Derpy did…

          …actually, Derpy just sounds like a Canadian with a head cold to me. :/

          And I’m sorry, not trying to be antagonistic here, but I personally can’t count RD as a “deeper-voiced” pony, because her voice cracks so much! XD Actually, whenever RD talks I just remember the Pajama Sam computer games I had as a kid…

  • Maybe I should step in and analyse her scene so you guys can decide.

    Her first action immediately classifies her as clumsy. The reveal shows that the damage to the Town Hall is extensive and heightens the suggestion of clumsiness. Her first line, “I just don’t know what went wrong!”, and her continually bouncing on the cloud and shocking herself narrows the classification to her being a little loopy. Her voice sounds like an adult female, but with an undertone of being dumb. Not “mentally retarded”, as that would imply a heavier butchering of the pronunciations. Her next action shows her trying to compliment Rainbow Dash, but instead she crashes into a post, which cracks and falls. To me, at this point, she looks like she doesn’t know what she’s doing, which would actually fit the classification of mentally retarded. She then offers help, and Rainbow Dash hurriedly says no, suggesting maybe that RD has dealt with her in the past. Derpy then breaks the floor by sitting down. If attributed to Derpy, this could mean she dosen’t know her own strength. If attributed to the floor, that floor was put together poorly. A while later, she cheers Applejack for fixing the Town Hall with her prize money, even though Derpy destroyed it.

    Now, mishandling a thundercloud is really dangerous and would be attributed to being stupid. The fact that Derpy keeps doing it proves that she’s stupid. She then crashes into a pole without realizing her speed or direction, which suggests she doesn’t pay attention. I can’t decide about her breaking the floor by sitting because realistically, she would have sat down nervously, following RDs anger, and therefore softly, not allowing the floor to break. Her later cheering suggests she doesn’t get that she’s the one that destroyed the Town Hall.

    Analysing the scene leads me to believe that she iss…

    *pause for dramatic effect 8D*

    Mildly mentally handicapped.

    Does that answer your questions?

  • Talon

    I would like to suggest that perhaps the clumsiest thing she did was jump on the cloud until it zapped her.
    She lightly bumped into a post and part of the building fell down, she sat down and smashed a hole in it. perhaps she knew it was in bad shape but nobody wanted to do anything since it was still in one piece.
    She might have vision problems, but throughout the entire show I haven’t seen anything to suggest lower mental capacity.

  • You’re suggesting that she may have been doing the same thing that Rainbow Dash was doing in Lesson Zero?

  • Actually, technically I suffer from mental “issues”, and Derpy doesn’t bother me in the least bit. She may or may not be mildly mentally handicapped (or just clumsy), but I think that many of you are just being oversensitive.

  • Spazz

    My favorite opinion that I’ve heard so far is that she’s not “clumsy” or “mentally handicapped.”
    Her character is in the same realm as Osaka from Azumanga Daioh! (sorry non-weeaboos), just living in her own little world.

    • Anonymous

      >living in her own little world

      I’m liking this idea!

  • Technically at this point she could be classified as both mentally retarded and clumsy, but Hasbro hasn’t actually done anything with her yet except tell you that she’s clumsy. You guys need more info before you decide on this, I think. Wait till Derpy appears again, I say, and see what Hasbro does with her.

    • Indeed! This scene alone isn’t enough to grasp the full character.

  • ManeFlame

    I remember in cartoons when a goofy character was just goofy and silly. No one tried to look deeper into it.

    • That’s only because that character wasn’t some pony that got fan-raped only because she was wall-eyed.

      • ManeFlame

        Pony or not, goofy eyes are just goofy eyes. Doesn’t mean mentally handicapped. Though I do love the people that are complaining, since most of them made her out to be a klutz that ruins everything to begin with. Not that she always wasn’t. What with dropping -how- much stuff on Twilight…

  • I view complaining about Derpy Hooves being “retarded” is the same as complaining about Rainbow Dash being a “lesbian” its all your own opinion about the character, im sure there are people out there that are offended by Applejack because shes a “redneck”. If your opinion is that the pony is a certain label then your probably the type of knee-jerk “Politically Correct” person who views saying “Merry Christmas” as something as bad as a white person calling a black person a “Negro”. Lets all just calm the f**k down and enjoy the cute cartoon, if shes meant to be retarded then someone will come out and say it

  • Eponymous

    I elect that she is composed of dark matter, explaining how sitting down can cause the floor to break in such a way.

    Or maybe she’s entropy or something similar, whatever that means. I like the deafness angle another talked about. It would explain certain deficiencies in spatial awareness, no?

    Hope this doesn’t offend any hearing impaired posters out there.

    • Composed of dark matter?

      Who’s brain do you have?…

      • Ultamia

        If I remember correctly, Dark Matter is a theorized substance supposedly contained throughout the entire universe where there is basically.. Well.. Nothing.

        Still, I can’t see how it would have been able to interact with the building.

        • I believe that was also one theory as to how Applejack was capable of launching Rainbow Dash into the air so far in Applebuck Season

        • If you insist on her being composed of that…well we don’t even know enough about it to know if it would interact with the building…assuming it managed to form a working body with a respiratory system and circulatory system…you know what just forget it…

          • plaster

            don’t mind me, just testing the commenting embedding. Breaking the site is part of the job of running it.

            EDIT: oh good, it’s doing what I thought it was. But now I have to report on how small and squished the text will get with more than 4 embedded replies…

            it’s a good thing our comments aren’t very active i guess.

  • switchbored505

    I loved seeing Derpy in the show for what it represented: that the makers of the show recognize us and that they thank us for our following. That gesture was really touching and unexpected, and I love the show’s staff even more than I did already. Watching this show makes me feel like a part of something. Not something world-shattering, or even terribly important, just something. It’s true, I’ve never been in a fandom before, especially a thriving one like this. It’s really nice.

    Regarding Derpy herself, I have no qualms with her character. She’s clumsy, goofy and absent-minded, you’d think people would already guessed that from all her previous appearances. It’s hardly the first cartoon character that is bumbling and a little stupid. Besides, her scene in this episode lasted all of 90 seconds. People are trying to work out her entire purpose and character from 90 seconds of interaction with another character regarding an event we didn’t see nor have context for.

    Maybe it was a little too much to take in one go. I mean, the eyes and the voice are something to accept, and I know not everyone likes so much slapstick. And all the fanon about her is probably too much too ignore at first glance. I think we just need some time to cool off.

    Still, the rage and crusading over this non-issue will come to pass, and if she has another little scene later on, it will probably help improve her image by fleshing her out a little more.

    Many may try to over-analyse the implications and connotations of Derpy’s appearance and character, but I want to focus on what it was clearly intended as: a gift to the fans. I am very thankful for this gift.

  • Amazoness! Guy

    The voice sounded to me like the standard “slow-witted character” voice that is used time and time again for male characters in cartoons, only female. The only reason that some people are making the “mentally handicapped” association is because this was something pre-existing in the fandom. There’s nothing in the portrayal of Derpy in this episode that goes beyond what you’d expect for any slighty dopey, clumsy character.

    (I personally think that the voice needs a little work, but purely because it seemed a little inconsistent. Not nearly as serious an issue as with Pip, though)

  • InfinityDash

    Personally, I LOVED Derpy’s voice. It fit her absolutely perfectly and I didn’t get any “mentally handicapped” vibe. After I got over the initial shock of her actually speaking, and listened to it a few more times, her voice is cute, unique, and just fits as a bit slow and clumsy – similar to Snails as a lot of others have pointed out.

    Anyways, as usual DHN comments are sane and respectful. I’m scared to read comments regarding this on any website besides DHN right now…

  • AnonSense

    “derpy” characters have been in cartoons for a LONG time. It’s just a cartoon. This isn’t abilism, it’s a cartoon! Cartoons make fun of lots of people, fat people, thin people, short, tall, smart, dumb, young, old.. I’m overweight but I don’t get all butt-hurt when I watch the chubby (and “derpy”) Chowder making a pig of himself!
    Cartoons are all about making fun of LIFE. It’s like a caricature of life itself. As for Derpy, I see NOTHING wrong with her portrayal in the show.

    • Dot

      thank you god, someone with some common sense.
      i can’t believe how much these people are overreacting over something that have been on TV for years EVERYWHERE. If a character like Ed (looks, sounds, lives, and acts COMPLETELY mental) from Ed, Edd, and Eddy gets passed on a kids’ show, then a character that can at least say a sentence correctly like Derpy Hooves can EASILY be passed on a kids’ show.

  • For me, it’s just the voice.

    If she didn’t have that speech impediment, but spoke normally with the same actions and tendencies we see in the show, mental handicap would not have even crossed my mind.

  • Anonymous

    derpey is funny! we want more derpy!

  • Cinnamon Fritter

    To me, her portrayal was the stereotypical mentally handicapped character, almost identical to Sloth from the Goonies.

    I think what’s offending alot of people is not just the voice, or the goofiness, but the overall combination. Crossed eyes, plus the ‘autistic’ sounding voice, plus the self destructive nature without realizing it, plus the name ‘Derpy’ itself all combine into one huge stereotype that implies being mentally handicapped. Like the old phrase, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck, you got a duck. That scene didn’t give us anything to imply that she wasn’t ‘a duck’ (mentally handicapped).

    As for the quote at the top “To be, a Ditz is an airhead or idiot. But to Derp is just being clumsy or a bit awkward. Much nicer connotation!”, that must’ve been a younger person that said that, because I’m a bit older than the average fan, and ‘Derp’ was one of the terms people have always used to make fun of the mentally handicapped (ie: making the sounds “Hurrr, dahhrrr, durrr, derp, derrrrrr”). Calling someone a ditz is almost ignorable, but belting out ‘Derp’ when someone goofs up or when a handicapped person is around is pretty much ‘fightin words’.

    I think alot of the younger crowd is trying to ignore that since there was a South Park episode that used the word excessively, and they want it to be cool, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t alot of people out there for which it has severly bad connotations.

    So in my opinion, Studio B goofed bad. In their attempt to make a shout out to the fandom, they created a character that, to a lot of people, is the groaningly bad stereotype of a mentally handicapped person. I do hope they raise themselves back up to their standards of season 1 and give her character a little depth, reedeming qualities, or a less stereotypical voice.

  • Ashley Rodriguez

    I see her as in between. Meaning not full fledged mentally challenged but still a tad slow….this slowness prevents her from seeing what she is doing and jumping into things (not literal) b4 thinking it out. She doesn’t realize whats doing on around her either. So if anything mildly mentally slow. but at least she is treated just like any other pony in the show. She blends in with the crowd,has a job most likely and maybe even a daughter. So even if she IS portrayed as a special pony at least they arnt singling her out. As for RD getting short with her…RD is like that to everypony it seems…thats just RD for you!

  • Deeth Irteen


    Who are these idiots calling Derpy Hooves offensive! She was created by the FANS!! The FANS are the ones who gave her her personality and part-time role as a mailpony! The MLP team decided to give a shoutout to the fans by having Derpy appear as a background character in many episodes!

    And then, when they decide to give her a speaking role, she’s suddenly found offensive?! Why the hell should Hasbro apologize for giving the fans EXACTLY what they wanted?!!!!

    • Cinnamon Fritter

      Breath young-in, breath.

      One, she wasn’t created by the fans. She was already in several episodes, and eventually would’ve reach a speaking role just like Carrot-top, Bon-Bon, and ‘Dr. Whooves’. We just made her popular enough for the animators to give her extra attention. We aren’t making the show, Studio B is.

      Two, please don’t call people idiots just for being aware of a stereotype that’s been around for ages. Go watch The Goonies this weekend when you have the freetime. It was made in 1984.

      Lastly, there have been many ‘fan-interpretations’ of Ditzy-Doo. The artist Equeastria Prevails features her as a clever and aware military general with merely a wayward eye (and in another timeline, as a mad-scientist). Other fan-fics and art have shown her as a klutzy yet ironically proficient mail-mare. Not to mention all the early fan-art that saw her as Carrot-Top’s Pinkie-Pie-esque roommate. Studio B could’ve just as easily used any of these clever and significantly less risque interpretations, but instead they went the ‘Sloth’ route. That’s why alot of people are disappointed/offended at the scene. Studio B is capable of far better.

      Please, there’s no need to call people idiots and hate on them simply because a teenage meme has hit resoundly on what was a derogatory word and they react accordingly. It’s just a generation gap doing what generation gaps do.

  • Kenny

    Okay so, I’m a 26 year old transgender man living with my partner… Through some freak coincidence, we’re both above average intelligence and had to go to speech therapy classes. I’ve got a lot stacked against me, I’m queer, I have depression, I watch this show [along with adult geared shows like True Blood and Big Bang Theory, see, normal] I have completely blown out my knee, I’m learning disabled with a.d.d. [I’d probably be compared , it was for other things, in kindergarten no one bullied, in middle school everything was awful, and it wasn’t until after I learned to pronounce things properly… I wasn’t offended by Derpy’s voice, this didn’t trigger any bad memories, it actually reminded me a little bit of a female homestar runner. She sounds like a kid who will out grow this, and if Twilight is so smart, why is it impossible to believe that maybe there are other ponies who may have to take an extra bit of time to do things properly? I feel awful for the writer’s changing it as a fan service because ‘ditzy doo’ was the original name, and everyone would agree, she is absolutely ditzy, but this doesn’t mean there’s anything WRONG with her! I’m much more offended by pinkie pie’s need to amuse herself at the discomfort of others, she alienated Zecora and Luna… I think that Derpy is amazing, and I honestly was so upset to think that some parents believed that this was looking down on the mentally challenged… when really if they had ever seen an episode, they’d learn that Rainbow dash is short with everyone. Also, sometimes people [even applejack just got 2nd place] try really hard and still have a difficult time with things, I don’t understand why having a pony who may need a little bit of extra love and encouragement and maybe if the cutie mark crusaders are trying to find their way, an older pony can find theirs as well… I just hope they don’t change derpy, because I think she’s so fun with so much potential… No one thinks big mac is delayed and he responds monosyllabically

    < 3 K

  • TV

    Seriously? Anyone at all out there likes her voice?
    It sounds like she has full blown Down’s Syndrome!

  • Dot

    You guys who finds Derpy offensive act as if you haven’t seen cartoons before. lol

    This cannot be your first time seeing a character that both have the appearances and voice and actions of a loony character. Characters that used to be on Cartoon Network? There have been soo many that have traits JUST like Derpy. Acts dumb/clueless, messes up everything, eyes going opposite ways, etc. come on. This isn’t anything new or to complain about. Ed from ed, edd, and eddy. billy from billy and mandy. psyduck from pokemon. Lemmy from mario. cinnamonbun from adventure time. Cookie monster from sesame streets. Cartoons, games, almost everything kiddy have a character like this, and no one complains. so what makes Derpy so different?

    it’s not teaching kids anything bad; its for the kids’ entertainment. If theyre so offended by just Derpy, then media might as well ban animators and cartoon producers from making dimwitted characters. .-. characters like Derpy is OLD news.

    and if it’s really the name issue, then jesus christ, just change it to ditzy doo and continue on with life already. i dont get the issue on something this simple.

  • SpeedXaaa

    That’s funny. Political correctness these days is ridiculous.

    She acts quite reminiscent to Goofy, yet the general publicity didn’t seem to take so much offense to that.

    What gives.

    Anyway. Definitely just a big klutz. I also find her voice cute / humoring. Just comic relief, good freaking god.

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  • #SaveDerpy

    Just. Arg. Hasbro, I am disappointed. You changed her voice because somepony went and complained. The whole episode seems violated to me just because somebody went and whined. I, honestly believe that this was the opposite of those crappers who complained. By removing her name, voice, etc, I believe that Hasbro is basically saying that they don’t want anything having to do with those who have things like speech impediments. And the name? WE came up with that! Us! The Bronies! Or at least me… *CoughCough* Seriously, we make it up, and someone complains? If they consider it so offensive, why the Celestia are they watching//letting their children watch it? What agitates me the most, is that after this ‘incident,’ I bet poor Derpy will not have another line in the series. Screw you Hasbro, disappointment.