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This moment brought to you by your fellow /co/lts (and of course the lovely people of Studio B), and of course the community.

Derpy confirmed to be voiced by  Tabitha St. Germain.

Read her entire history (minus today’s events atm) here.

  • Ldude893

    On January 21st, 2012, the brony community exploded twice.

  • TheLoneLampman

    I’ve been grinning like a fool for almost 2 hours now! I love AJ and Derpy so much. This is the best thing ever, EVER!

  • Trollestia5K

    That was fucking amazing.

  • I can’t believe they actually did it. It’s too epic.

    I wonder if Hasbro actually let this happen or if it just got sneaked in.

    • anon32634

      I don’t think something this big could be “sneaked in”. And why imply “sneaking” anyways? It’s a little shoutout to the fanbase.

      • The main reason I think Hasbro wouldn’t approve (and hence it being sneaked in) is because it could lead to legal issues.

        But good cartoons normally walk the legal line anyway.

  • Zen

    I’ve been seeing comments floating around that Ashleigh Ball voiced Derpy. Can anypony shed some light on this?

    • Its what the MLP Wikia was saying, because someone at Bronycon asked the VAs to do Derpy, and Ashleigh did the voice. But its been confirmed now via Thiessen that its Tabitha. Ashleigh was teasing us though, cause they all knew of this.

      • Zen

        Seems I was wrong.

  • anon32634


  • Dill

    So great!

  • Anonymous

    I would be excited about Derpy, but then the /co/lts and Ponychanners started their dick waving contests and reminded me why I started to hate this fandom so much over the summer: The fact that everyone is split up into separate groups and hate each other just to be cool and make their tiny dicks bigger on the internet, despite the show trying to teach the audience about friendship.

    Fuck you and fuck your dumb horse.

    • Trollestia5K


  • Anonymous

    SMILe remade that gif in HQ in /co/!

  • CodyMal

    This may well be the greatest day in Equestrian history!

  • Dapperghast

    Goddamnit Hasbro. This is what we didn’t want.
    A). When season 2 was first starting and people were all “is it going to be as awesome?” I was all “It prolly will be as long as they don’t fuck it up. Like giving Derpy too much attention. Part of her appeal is that she’s a peripheral character, they can keep tossing in easter eggs, but if she actually gets lines, bluh. That would just feel like pandering.”

    B). Her name should be Ditzy. Derpy, while an adorable fan nickname that I love, is a construct of the internet and breaks with pony nomenclature (unless they’re straight up embracing the theories that the show is post-apocalyptic, but I dunno if I want to see them have the characters start slowly remembering things from the before time as it drives them mad. Might kinda break the tone of the show).

    • InStatat

      The name coming from the Internet was kind of the point. After all, it was THEM that made MLP:FiM so successful!

      • Dapperghast

        And self awareness kills shows. Granted, everyone seems to interpret my complaints as level 10: OMGLIFEIS RUINED FOREVER, but I really mean them more as level 0; I disagree with this current course of action, but whatevs.

        I realize this is the slippery slope fallacy, but I dunno, to me it felt like the equivalent of having Rainbow Dash fly on screen shouting “SONIC RAINBOOM 20% COOLER TEN SECONDS FLAT!” while making the /)^3^(\ face for no reason, just on a subtler scale.

    • Anonymous

      not sure if troll or just stupid

    • Anonymous

      …Why do you speak of yourself in plural?)))

  • DeViL_CoNvOy

    Her name is Derpy.
    Deal with it.

  • Ashley Rodriguez

    I like seeing Derpy getting attention its great i dont want to see her just as an “easter egg” as people call it..Dont you all think its more fun to have her as an actual character? I think they only reason some want her as a Waldo pony is bc of the whole “she is mentally handicapped vs she is just clumsy war” which is silly. Who cares? See her as you want its a cartoon! I personally see her as in btw. She is full fledged handi capped but just a tad slow…which makes her not always think straight,causing her to have these accidents all the time. Also even if she was a tad “special” she isn’t singled out or treated differently either. but that’s just me that’s how i see her…there is probably like at least 10 different personalities/versions of/for her.(from fanfics,forums,videos etc). Lets just all use our own imaginations and opinions on how we view our favorite mailmare,and more importantly and enjoy the show as it is!!

  • Ashley Rodriguez

    She ISNT* full fledged mentally challenged but a tad slow excuse my stupid typo…

  • I think Derpy is awesome. *Derpy accidentally obscures the rest of this post*

  • re zttop

    This is epic.