Derpy’s Mailbag #01

by *ceemdee
Irony:  Renaming Submission Tuesdays to Derpy’s Mailbag because I never get around to posting it exactly on Tuesday, and then posting it on a Tuesday.  Anyways, on with the show.

000 Nightmare Night Derpy
Okay EratosofCyrene, you are having waaaay too much fun with Plush Derpy (never a bad thing).  But she does look cute in her paper bags :)

000 Nightmare Night Lantern Light
Well it may be the day after Halloween, but still this is a cool Nightmare Moon pumpkin.

000 Luna Painting
Awesome painting is awesome.  From the Story Dragon.

000 Exoplanet Hunters – With Ponies
Since my internet is borked, didn’t get to watch this.  Seems to be an explanation of finding Exoplanets while using ponies to help explain.

000 South England Bronies
If meetups are your thing and you’re from across the pond in the southern UK, here’s a site dedicated in getting a meetup going in Southern old England.

000 The Elements of Halloween
A little comic about the Elements of Halloween.  Link above.

by ~Cayoke

000 3d Applejack
We featured I think Cayoke’s Fluttershy a few weeks ago, still insane, now I ponder if she’s solid or hallow inside (equating to more blocks placed).

God is a Pinkie Pie by theponiesofequestria

As We Stumble Along by TheDrowsyFool
  • derpymaths

    oh yeah, astronomy nerds are some of the biggest pony dorks out there. in fact my 2 best pony-fan friends irl are both in planetary sciences/astronomy courses. coincidence? DOUBT IT!

  • RoboPlop

    The search for the Equestrian planet must continue!
    Little known fact: Celestia actually controls the planet's rotation, not the sun.