Derpy’s Mailbag #05

by *Equestria-Prevails

Time for another Derpy’s Mailbag here at the DHN. Yet again I’ll just say sorry for the lack in posts lately, many things going on all around, expect things to return to normal around here by the end of the week. Anyways, on with the show.

Side note – Our submission system was offline since yesterday, so if you sent something in during the past 24 hours, resend please.


Luna - My Little Pony FIM Knitted Plush

#000 Equestria Knitting by Spark Absurd

Submitted by their creator, Equestria Knitting features a different style of plush. I do enjoy the style. Price wise you’re talking about $90 for the Luna above, and there are other ponies available. At the moment you have of the Mane 6, plus the royal sisters.

The Ponies: Twilight / Applejack / Pinkie Pie / Rainbow Dash / Rarity / Fluttersh / Luna / Celestia

Etsy Shop


#000 Had a Derpy Night by DerpDerp910

DerpDerp910 is more or less what you could call the original voice of Derpy for having the earliest video in the fandom about Derpy (with her singing). This was sent in to us by a random fan.

#000 Digital Fragrance – Rainbow Dash Airways

Digital Fragrance sent this over to us, unfortunately with the whole holiday and site switching we kind of lost track. The shirt was on sale between the 29th and 31st of December, but we done missed the boat on that. We’ve featured many of these shirts in the past, so hit up the link, it takes you over to her RedBubble shop. Sorry DF.

#0000 Equestrian Beats

A really simple site at the moment but someone attempting to collect all the pony music tracks out there. Currently over 100 tracks available. You can search the whole collection or pick out a category (chiptune, electronic, instrumental, metal, etc). This is a good thing with the YouTube channels being taken down.


#000 Lezli’s Derpy Birthday Cake

A Derpy fan sent this in to us. A homemade Derpy cake. Made from edible icing with a white chocolate mane. I got family that’s into the cake business, its no easy task to build a frosting sculpture.

#000 TetraPony Tumblr – Working on a Pinkie Comic

This was submitted by a fan and supposely the artist behind it is fine with it being posted to other places. The color seems a touch off but its usually the camera that causes that, but good work.



PonyMindBleach is an image gallery that loads up images at random. You are able to link and leave feedback, and everytime you hit F5 (reload) you get a random picture. I do see images that I haven’t seen around DeviantArt or Ponibooru, and if you’re bored it is fun to play with.

#000 Ask Plush Derpy (and Dinky)

Eratosofcyrene of the Ask Plush Derpy tumblr sent this over, seems Derpy now has her daughter on their RL photograph adventures.


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  • Anonymous

    I also like the cake. I made a Rainbow Dash cake for my daughter’s birthday.It was realy cool.