Derpy’s Mailbag #06

Stay Classy and To The Tumblr by =saturnspace

#001 –

In one hand, yes another ‘booru’ pony site, but this one is built from the ground up and has lots of bells and whistles to it. Very clean and nice looking at a glance. Right now its kind of back logging images we’ve already seen, but I’m sure it’ll catch up to the other two three. The creators are looking for feedback and suggestions, go help them craft a good system.


Hi there!

I’m Clover the Clever, and I’ve been working with some friends in the community to make an imageboard for MLP. It’s a completely new system, designed to scale well where others have not, built from scratch with the MLP fanbase in mind. I’m a freelance web consultant when I’m not busy being a student, and I ended up making this over Christmas:

It’s slowly making progress in terms of content and we’re picking up speed, but we’ve not really published it anywhere yet, just passed it around some friends to kick the tyres. We’re now pretty confident it won’t burst into flames (instantly) and would like to pass it on to the community at large.

In terms of a feature summary (or “why we made it”), the site is fast, supports flexible spoilering/hiding of images (and is ‘SFW’ by default – questionable images spoilered, explicit images completely hidden), has watch lists with RSS support (so you can drop your favourite ponies right into your RSS reader with ease), has more flexible tagging than most Danbooru-style implementations, animated image thumbnails, automagic import from Tumblr/dA sources, uses up/down votes in place of favourites, lists of related images, has tons of configuration options for how things display to fit your screen, optimizes images after uploading, has keyboard shortcuts for fast and easy browsing, exact and perceptual image deduplication, fuzzy and precise search modes, and for original content producers, it even supports attaching licenses to your uploads. All this while being blindingly fast (average page load takes 50ms, and it should stay that way)!

I hope your visitors will find Derpibooru useful. 


Clover the Clever 

#002 –

Another new site in the works and ready for public testing, BronyPlayer is an online streaming site that will let you listen to your favorite pony music in stream form. You are able to submit your own songs, create your own playlists, and many other features. The group is looking to give the place a test run, and collect on suggestions and ideas. Still under construction, so try and not break it too badly.

#003 – Pony Live Now


Hello everypony! This is Edock on behalf of “Ponys Live Now”, and we wanted to invite everypony to our gaming stream over at We stream classic games way back from the Super Nintendo and Atari eras, all the way to current day gaming! There is always a showcase of pony music playing during the stream as well! We will of course be having contests including a welovefine shirt of your choice!

We see our channel as a “safe haven” for bronies, where they can watch games (and sometimes play) in peace without any worry. Sometimes non-bronies come in the chat, and we love them!

We hope to someday have some “Pony celebrities” in the stream! Streamers talk to the chat and we plan on setting up servers for everypony to play! We have a set schedule, as well as some room for a few more streamers. We really hope to see everypony there! It’s gonna be a great time!

My Little Pony CLAY Magnets by ~MacX5

#004 – Derpy Fridge Magnet (and everyone else) by MacX5

Available for $10 USD and can be found at some cons in the North-East US. Not sure what they are made out of.

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