Derpy’s Mailbag #07

Muffin Mafia by *plasters-ponies

Well its definitely been one hell of a week here at the offices of DHN. Saturday we of course had the onslaught of people who came to the site (hopefully liked what they saw), bad enough that it actually nut kicked the place offline for a few minutes in the afternoon. Then of course all the drama behind the Derpy scene, which hopefully with a new episode tomorrow, will disappear. I can say I have no intention on bringing the subject up again.

I would also like to apologize to those who thought my “Thank you Studio B” post from a few days ago was directed towards ALL the people who are not pleased with the Derpy scene. It is the great thing about the internet, you’re allowed to voice your opinions. We do try and keep opinions off the front page of this place, but when you’re the head guy, it is hard to resist sometimes. It could have been worse, cause that was the “light” version of what I really wanted to post. But I would like to point out the people that I am butt damaged over are those who are actually taking the extra effort to write hate mail to Hasbro, Studio B and The Hub. I understand both sides of the fence in this argument, but I find its taking it all to a different realm when you start making petitions and writing hatred towards the people putting on the show. These are the people who make me head butt the wall in my office, not those who just have a disapproving opinion about the whole thing. Either way, later tonight the comments on both articles will be closed, and we all shall move onto other things.

Side note – Our page has passed the 700k mark pageview wise, yay. I’ll note that its kind of a false number, as our old setup of the “dual pages” kind of screwed up the number, as the main page had about 600k while the blogger system itself had about 750k. So I guess we’re more around 850k, but I don’t want to start messing with the counter.

Now its time for Derpy’s Mailbag, Edition 7.

#0000 – Plaster Gains a True Friend at BronyCon

This was a video I kind of jokingly asked Jhaller to make a few weeks ago. Unfortunately his computers exploded, so it was delayed for awhile. This is from Bronycon, the person in the Trixie Hat is obviously Seth of EqD, and then the oh so happy person next to him is Plaster, our editor. Plaster definitely played nice, as I was texting him and offering him a grand worth of money to kidnap Seth’s hat, and he refused. Next time Gadget, next time.

#0001 – BronyCon

Well if you haven’t heard, BronyCon has relocated its June venue to the Meadowlands Exposition Center in lovely Secaucus, New Jersey. This has changed their max attendee cap from 1500 to 4000. The January Bronycon fetched about 1000, but of course they are expecting more this time around due to the guests. There of course has been some upset people, namely those who had already booked hotels and train tickets. I’ll note for anyone who was heading to Penn Station, continue with these plans, except you’ll now have to go from Penn Station to the Port Authority, and catch a bus out to Jersey.

A new guest of honor was also announced. John de Lancie (Discord and of course, Q) will be joining Lauren Faust as guests of honor, so its expected a ton of people will turn out, probably even non-pony fans just for Q.

[swf src=”” width=600 height=380]
#0002 – Back to the Derp by Mr. Poniator

#0003 – Derpy Day is Coming

Someone somewhere last year declared March 1st as Derpy Day, kind of an observances of our favorite derpy’d eye (and now male….) pegasus. There is a facebook page being ran by the same person as last year which can be found here. We kind of missed this day last year as it was the same time the Great Pony War of 4chan was going on.

#0004 – “Clever” by Duplex Fields (A Poem about Derpy)

I am not a clever pony,
I am not a graceful beast;
I will never earn a medal,
I will always be the least.

Though my voice is rough and stumbling,
Peace on wings of silver glides;
While you point and laugh and whisper,
In my heart my passion hides.

Bubble wrap became vocation
With my clumsiness revealed;
Taking letters, bringing parcels,
Life, career, and future sealed.

When you ask what keeps me going
Under sun and weather vile,
Watch the eye that sees my darlings
When you wonder why I smile.

Filly Sleepover! by ~FayePegasus

#0005 – Artwork: Filly Sleepover by FayePegasus

Go Derpy!

#0006 – Artwork: From TetraPony

Don't make me use this by ~TheWolfheart89

#0007 – Don’t Make Me Use This by TheWolfheart89

Isn't she cute with her little mail bags?

#0008 – Derpy Hooves OOAK Plush

Now available on eBay, a Derpy Hooves Plush, complete with mailbag. You can find it here. At the time of me writing this, she’s got 5 bids and going for $76 USD (and $30 in shipping).

#0009 – Help Wanted: Fandub Series

This project seems to be in need of a lot of people right now. It will be an audio series about a kid who hates ponies and gets sucked into the world of Equestria, and would be shown around by one of the Mane 6 (kind of like Fluffy’s Dan Vs. FIM). Ultimately the Mane 6 would help the kid get back to real life. Here is what is needed by the crew.

  1. At least one good artist who will draw all the pictures for the show.
  2. Voice Actors. Need anyone who can do Mane 6 or other characters from the show.
  3. A good audio editor or editors to help out with the editing process.

If you are interested, you can contact the crew at [email protected] or send a pm on YouTube at SpaceBaseLoop.

(Note: If you e-mailed before 1/29/2012, try again, I derp’d and had the wrong address posted)

#0010 – Friendship is Hardcore

#0011 – DJPoniver: Solitude

#0012 – Pinkie’s Space Jam

#0013 – “Once!” by HeyLasFas

  • Daniel G.

    At the risk of taking a possible joke too seriously (and we can never have too much over thinking stuff right? :P), I don’t think Derpy can ever be construed a dude. Tabitha didn’t directly say she thought she was voicing a colt, she basically said she wasn’t sure either way. At least, that’s my take on it. At any rate, she wouldn’t be nearly as cute as a guy, just my two bits.

  • The voice that tabitha used works for both a dumb girl and a dumb guy.

  • you put the wrong email adress derpy…..

    • “I just don’t know what went wrong.”

      Sorry about that, it has been corrected.

  • Charlie Evans

    Why did Whooves agree to let Derpy take the wheel? xD