Derpy’s Mailbag #09

Well despite today being declared my “day off” from poni, I figured it’d also be a good day to start posting the mailbag, since we now seem to have a fair flow of submissions coming in. So expect the mailbag on Sundays, though I don’t like to promise that (use to be called Submission Tuesdays, except I was posting on Thursday). Either way, here’s what we got:



#0001 – Doctor Whooves Adventures: Coming Soon
Squeak and team are back with their Doctor Whooves Radio Plays. If you search back in our archives you can find the previous episodes. Seems a new release is on the horizon and will be featured on Celestia Radio.


#0002 – Help Wanted: Fan Project – Legendz of Magic
Here’s a list of characters (that I will keep up-to-date) who need to be acted for.

  • Twilight
  • Rainbow Dash
  • Derpy
  • Celestia
  • Trixie
  • Luna
  • Discord
  • Steel Transience (masculine voice, regal sounding, philosophical, male actor, alicorn)
  • Vice Transience (deep voiced, evil sounding, cynical, male actor, alicorn)
  • Sky Captain (commanding voice, villain, female actor, alicorn)
  • Doctor Whooves

The soundtrack is made and owned by Derpy Hooves, who’s soundcloud can be found at this link:

Legendz of Magic is a fan-fic series, with no-profit intended. The development team are all unpaid volunteers, and don’t receive any economical profit from it.

#0003 – Icon Pack by XTUX345

Well guys, this is my very first ponified icon pack. Enjoy!
This pack contains 16 icons (in both .png and .ico format), and may be used however you wish.
Also, a special thanks to all the vector artists of DeviantART, without which this project would be impossible.

To install icons on Windows: [link]
To install icons on Mac: [link]

#0004 – Project Equestrian Essays

Here are the details: it’s basically the literary equivalent of the Pony Swag Megamix; bronies write essays (not school essays, but nonfiction of nearly any length expressing their opinions) concerning topics pertinent to the show and/or fandom. The topics are collected in a series of e-books which are currently of indeterminate length, and each e-book is given to everyone who submitted to it or reserved a copy, free of charge. In fact, it’s then declared fair use, so the community does whatever it wants with it, and spreads it around the Internet however it chooses.

And, since a lot of these brand-new, bright-eyed projects are naïve and tend to fail ten days in, here’s another, much more difficult project I run on a monthly basis, as evidence that this project will not be one of those previously mentioned

Thank you for your time,
-Jake J. Johnson

SaveDerpy - It's not over yet. by ~SterlingPony

SaveDerpy artwork by ~SterlingPony

#0005 – SaveDerpy Artwork by SterlingPony
At the moment its unknown if Derpy is safe or not, yes we do have an e-mail from the UK branch of Hasbro, but personally from what I’ve been told by other community members, the Euro branches of Hasbro are more than happy to talk to their fans, compared to the United States (and headquarters) Hasbro. As posted about a week ago, within the month there is suppose to be a line of communication opened up between Hasbro and the fandom, and from that point we’ll know more, especially about Derpy. SterlingPony sent in these pictures, which I think at least one is featured in our rotating banner. A new one was added (top one) since the fight over Derpy may not be over just yet.


#0006 – Anypony Email Service
“A fast, free and reliable email service! Created by Sam for use by anypony out there. Sign up for an email account that ends with!”

#0007 – UGO Celebrity Zombie Transformations
UGO has recent done Celebrity Zombie Transformations, and it seems we now have Zombie Dash that they sent in to us for the sharing. (Note: There’s a Zombie Dash tumblr somewhere out there). So RD joins the undead along with Ghoul Derpy and many other characters.


#0008 – [Parody Park] One Hoof Closer

#0009 – Sniper’s Letter to Celestia (Team Fortress 2 & Gmod Machinima) by The SpawnersTouch




#0010 – PonyDubs Comics
PonyDubs is a group of amateur voice actors who dub fan-comics made within the pony fandom. Their channel can be found here.

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