Derpy’s Mailbag #11

Derpy Hooves by *LimreiArt

Getting really hard to find a Derpy picture that isn’t depressing. Yes it may be depressing, but it shouldn’t stop the happy pictures. Don’t forget tomorrow is dubbed “Derpy Day” which we kind of missed last year due to the whole 4chan war between the pony community and mods. February is not a good month for this community. Anyways, time for a new mailbag.

The My Little Dashie Show

New Livestream Show going around that talks about ponies, hosted by My Little Dashie (@MyLittleDashie). The show airs on Mondays and Thursdays at 9pm and just had its maiden voyage this monday with guests Gendid (DHN) and Brony Dance Party. The livestream channel can be found here.

The Traveling Pony Museum

Hey there DerpyHoovesNews!  So I’m currently putting together a project called the Traveling Pony Museum that will be going across the US to all major brony conventions. The museum is a collective of traditional, sculpture, plushy and digital artwork.

But first let me introduce myself. My name is Inky Notebook. I’m the creator and organizer for the Traveling Pony Museum, a little project of mine to help get artists out into the community.
The museum has taken on quite a few more artists since the debut post over on EQD a mere few days ago. Here is the current list that will continue to be updated :

The museum has also been given Monster Pie, the enormous Pinkie Pie plushie that has become famous over at BronyCon. She will be traveling with the museum all across the US so be on the lookout for a chance to see her! The museums traveling schedule will be secured and released soon.

The museum also now has a deviant art group page where there is a tentative collection of the works that will be featured!

I’d also like to thank our three donors, Purple Tinker, Corey McClure and Alexander Kaiser for helping to sponsor the museum.

But! The museum still needs plenty of help!

All donations raised will go towards commissions and travel expenses for the museum so it will be able to make it’s way to all the upcoming conventions including Everfree NW, Bronies Ohio, Bronies DC, Bronies Boston and all the NYC montly Bronies meetups! All donations can go via PayPal to [email protected]

The museum is still looking for more artists as well! Don’t be afraid to send an email over to [email protected]

MLP Themed Cupcakes

I do believe those are the Pie-Cakes above, several others here including Dash Cakes.

Pie Cakes –

Dash Cakes –

My Little Brony – A Cultural Theory Class Paper

At base level, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is an animated children’s show centred around Habsro’sMy Little Pony toy line. Like the rest of the sparkle-and-pastel-doused My Little Pony line, its target demographic is young girls—Hasbro states it outright on their site; their catalogue lists fifteen pony toys under “girls” but only one under “both genders.” Objectively speaking using Roland Barthes’ Myth Today,while there is nothing inherently feminine about the colour pink, rainbows, cupcakes, or magical ponies, society insists these things signify femininity and therefore cannot be enjoyed by masculine individuals1. Paradoxically, however, one of its largest peripheral audience groups is young-adult males.2 The male audience has opened up an interesting discussion about society’s imposition of gender onto biological males and females; internet anonymity has allowed young men to unabashedly enjoy all manner of cute and glittery entertainment media without worrying about the masculinity of their real-life identity being put in jeopardy. While this new freedom of expression is liberating to many “bronies” (portmanteau of bros and ponies), lots of young men are still struggling with masculine ideals conflicting with their individual interests.

[ Read the entire paper here ]

Equestria 101 of the Brony Community

TNT9995 Videos

Cover of “September” by the Living Tombstone –

When I’m Hot for Teacher –

Pony Swag Verse –

Anthology II Teaster


A Livestream channel that takes requests on playing Pony PMVs. Runs from 5pm ET to 6pm ET. Doesn’t specify days but I’m guessing daily. Its noted on the e-mail that on weekends, broadcasts will be earlier and most of the time they are longer than the time specified.

Kansas City Winter Wrap Up Flash Mob

Cakepop of the Kansas City area is looking for fellow ponyfans to do a flashmob in the Plaza District of Kansas City, either on Saturday March 20th (Tuesday) or before the first day of spring, March 17th (Saturday). They are looking for people to attend, details can be found here on their Facebook.

  • 8ftmetalhead

    I shall attempt to draw derpy in celebration then.

  • I’m seeing a lot of the brony community attempting to have the Derpy supporters give up on our efforts to fix this. They want us to ‘shut up and color’ so they can continue watching the show without regard to how we feel or what we care about.

    If they selfishly want to ignore what has happened for their own personal gain so be it. I simply cannot tolerate the idea that people who are different or people with disabilities need ‘fixing’.

    I say we press onward. I say we ask politely and in a civil manner for 2 things. That the original episode be returned to iTunes and that barring that – if Hasbro is unwilling then we should collectively sponsor an effort to have the ‘Derpy’ community buy all rights to Derpy’s character.

  • Spazz

    look i wouldnt’ve been embarrassed if you mentioned that i made those cupcakes y’know

  • Painless Wolf

    Happy Birthday Derpy! Dream of Paradise, my little Pony.

    Painless the Canis Major
    Trotsdale, Equestria

  • Tnt9995

    Thanks for featuring my videos! :)