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Time for another Mailbag. Now split into section and now with Letters to the Editor, as I had a few people write stuff about the whole Derpy ordeal and send it in. Also for the few people who have sent in comics, I keep forgetting about them when I’m writing the Sunday Morning Comics post, they’ll be featured this sunday.

[ Artwork ]

Derpy Pop Art by 1dude10

Mother and Daughter by Nostalgic Guy

Spirit Medium Fluttershy by influxWishDream

NoDerp by Misio Misiowy

[ Community ]

Equestria NIC

Equestria NIC (EqNIC for short) is a domain name registry which will soon permit Pony fans everywhere to host a domain of their choice in the magic land of Equestria, under the .eq country-code Top-Level Domain. Through a generous grant by Princess Celestia herself, domain names in .eq will be free of charge.

Regretfully, Equestria was denied acceptance into the ISO, which allocates country codes (we understand that the laughter at our letter was raucous and relentless); therefore, .eq is unable to be a part of the ICANN DNS root most users access already. Fortunately, we are applying to the OpenNIC alternate root , who are substantially more likely to accept our proposal. In order to access .eq sites, users will need to change the DNS resolvers their network devices use, which will allow them to access both ICANN domains—meaning that every site which worked before the change will work afterwards—and OpenNIC domains, of which .eq will be one. This will only need to be done once per device, and new programs are being developed to make this as easy as a point and a click.

EqNIC is looking for those with some knowledge of DNS to help set up its systems. It is also looking for suggestions and discussion on what policies the registry should have in relation to allocating domain names (and performing other related activities) fairly and in accordance with the magic of friendship and the norms and regulations of OpenNIC.

If you would like to help in these or other ways, or if you would like more information about EqNIC, please contact us in the following ways:

Twitter: @EqNIC

MLPL – My Little Playlist

Spirik here.

I’d like to introduce to you small pony-related project of mine, which hopefully may be of some interest to you. Let me start with a little backstory, though.

Since the very first time I’ve ever heard properly done pony remix, I felt in love with pony music. Immediately. In all of diversity of its genres, arrangements and styles, with all heartfelt lyrics and jokes. Forever. And the funny thing is that I would never possibly assumed earlier that any fanmade music can have such an impact on me. Not a single day I spend without listening to it. It always makes me feel better, like a drug that calms the mind and sends my heart aflutter. I wanted to be part of this, wished I could be involved. Or at least simply share my pony-music-encounter experience with somepony.

And not being the musician of any sort myself, the only way to express my appreciation to all of the community for all incredible stuff it produces – is to help share it with the rest of the world:)

So here it comes! Dedicated to all of amazingly talented artists that touched my heart with their songs. And, of course, to the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic show itself, which essentially made the whole thing possible in the first place.

My Little Playlist
Music for ponies’ heart’s content
(also available on,

Randomly driven pony music jukebox.

It is a small part of my dedication project I’m working on at the moment and, basically, a teaser (if I can put it that way), the lack of functionality says it for itself. In fact, what it does is just plays random tracks directly from YouTube (hence the broadband internet connection for better quality would be preferable). Simple as it is. Track list is far from being full (and obviously it just can’t be, although I’m in the middle of transferring my own current collection right now), but I will regularly update it with new pony-related music as soon as possible. I pinkie promise.

And as long as it is Work-In-Progress I encourage anyone to send your feedback, whether it is a found bug, suggestion or literally anything in-between. Any feedback will be highly appreciated!

Enjoy awesome music, stay tuned for updates, follow me on @MLPLaylist. And don’t forget to express your gratitude to the artists on their YouTube pages. They sincerely deserve all our praises!

Love you,
Alexander ‘Spirik’ Spiridonov,
My Little Playlist (, [email protected])

[ PMVs ]

Comic/Video: A Dream To Reality by Hellishedge

[ Letters to the Editor ]

Disclaimer: These are letters sent to us, namely during the whole Derpy ordeal a week ago. I have read them but figured I might as well add that they do not reflect the thoughts and feelings of DHN. Also, if anyone wants to send any “letters to the editors” that we’ll include in the Mailbag, feel free. We are not responsible for any spaghetti stains.

People must really have nothing better to do with there free time,they really have to make a huge controversy over one tiny pony who brings joy to people.They are seriously making a tiny little error of a ponies eyes and name a big deal wow people have reached a new low in ruining things for others.When I first spotted Derpy I was confused on how they messed up her eyes but then I laughed cause it was pretty funny.I have a stigmatism in my left eye and it tends to wander a bit when I don’t focus and Derpy’s eyes remind me of well…me :D.MLP friendship is magic is about acceptance and friendship they do an excellent job of showing that but when you want to edit and or remove a character that had her own personality that made her special that’s not excepting that just covering up to save yourself Hasbro.When she got her first speaking part in the show and you acknowledged her name that the bronies and many fans alike agreed on,I was ecstatic.Finally that wandering eyed pony got her moment in the spotlight even for a brief time.She is one of my favorite ponies I can relate to the wandering eyes(I can control it though),the clumsiness,her love for muffins.She is an adorable character that should not have to be removed or edited in any way,this show is about acceptance as i’ve stated before we should embrace her for who she is and Hasbro has altered her to please then angry crowd or haters.What would happen if I could not control my eyes like derby and they wandered and I was on a tv show.Would you get rid of me?would you complain?discriminate against me?because I was different that would be unfair.Parents think the word derpy is offensive to people OH please they could be saying so much worse.Get of your damn high horses and stop making a huge deal because of a damn little pony.Hasbro you still do a wonderful job with the show but please you can’t just push her aside like she’s nothing that’s like a slap in the face to the dedicated viewers and fans of the show.I can understand how some people may find Derpy offensive but just in some ways but really do you have to complain about.Derpy Hooves we all love you and hope you appear in future episodes. <3Derpy<3

Sent from an iPad

I hate to make this a political argument, but I think there’s something about the Derpy issue that I feel is a double standard.

Most people would agree that in terms of political correctness, one person’s rights shouldn’t be judged or represented by others.  Especially if those people are not a member of that particular group!  Issues of racism shouldn’t be brought up if the actual race isn’t involved.  Gay rights (law) shouldn’t be decided upon by groups of people who are straight and biased (religion).  The argument for biological and lawful rights of men and women shouldn’t be made by people of the opposite sex.  Corporations shouldn’t be allowed to set up ways in the government to tax and wring out money from the individuals of a lower tax bracket.

Yet somehow people without disabilities are speaking on behalf of those who do.  Most people with disabilities (especially the ones with ocular disabilities very similar to Derpy) find her empowering and enjoyable.  She is a positive representative and role model for them.  I’ve only seen one person comment on a single post that they were offended and had disabilities but that’s in contrast to the dozens of others I’ve seen in support.

I know these people mean well but they’re merely speaking for someone else whose voice is being stifled.  The exact opposite of what the complainers are trying to do.  If they really didn’t wish to offend people with disabilities then they’d let them speak instead of speaking for them because they believe that they’re so mentally inept that they don’t understand when someone is making fun of them.  (See Wikipedia article on Sarah Palin Family Guy Controversy.  Especially the rebuttal by the voice actress)

And if the term Derp still makes people seethe then they should consider this… words have meaning but the meaning changes upon the context (See George Carlin speech on context).  Words that are harmless now, used to be very hate filled and showed the inherent discrimination amongst different people.  (See article “8 Racist Words You Use Everyday”) Words that are controversial now become that way because people gave it a meaning.  South Park had a great episode on the usage of the word “Fag”.  They touched upon context and the linguistic history of the term and provided a good argument that a word can change its meaning as the culture and prospectives change.

There is nothing wrong with the word DERP in and of itself. It’s the context of the Brony or Troll using it.

– B.I.

What we need?  An ACTUAL Derpy episode.  And one that is inspiring towards handicapped people (Since that’s what people seem to be obsessive over)The idea?  IF people assume Derpy is handicapped, let’s make an episode idea that will make Derpy appear as the star as she overcomes all odds.
If anything, this situation can be countered by a brilliant idea.
Let’s say that Rainbow Dash has an accident of sorts and needs a substitute to fill in for her.  (Let’s say that RD was doing weather patrol like usual)Anywho, Rainbow Dash sprains her wing after doing a lot of showing off (Like usual.  And this idea will be similar to Derpy’s daughter idea).   RD needs a substitute to fill in for her.  Of course RD is stubborn and tries to continue her weather duties.  Except that now she’s making disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, etc.  Through-out these scenarios, Derpy constantly appears and offers help.  In the end, RD accidently creates a massive storm that’s destroying ponyville.  And…(Wait for it….) Derpy comes in and stops all the storms by simply being her clumsy self.  (Possibly getting stuck in a tornado and flying against the winds to slow the tornado’s wind).  The day is saved thanks to Derpy.
The letter to Celestia is from RD.  The lesson is about trusting those who offer to help when things are bleak.  And no matter the type of person, everyone has their usefulness….even if sometimes they’re almost more trouble than their worth (Where Derpy clumsilly breaks something valuable as the episode finishes)
Something along those lines.  I personally think that if fans bring ideas like this to the attention of the animators, that the public will be shown that Derpy is very useful, kind, helpful, and possibly even intelligent. (Even if she’s just clumsy with the occasional bad luck)
Personally?  I think Amy (The writer) would approve of an idea as such.
– R.R.