Derpy’s Mailbag #13

Bon Bon is not amused. Lyra is. by ~ViperViolist

Well the mailbag is full, thus its time to empty it out and see what Derpy got in the past couple of weeks. Art, videos and some new sites on the inside.


Perfectly Imperfect by ~Klies-and-Jade

Perfectly Imperfect by Klies & Jade

Twilight Sparkle : Tuesday by ~Patapolo

Twilight Sparkle : Tuesday by ~Patapolo


The Daily Oat is Hiring

Calling all fans and readers! The Daily Oat needs you help!


For those who do not know me, I am ARGH Reporting, Founder and Editor in Chief of The Daily Oat since its inception in April 2011, and I am here to ask for all able-bodied persons to apply for openings in our news team. It has come to my immediate attention that we are in need of many who can diligently and effectively fulfill positions in this team that are in serious need for improvement, and so I personally ask you, all who it may concern, to lend a hand (or hoof) to help Ponychan’s #1 news team in the following positions:

  • Publishing: a team member who is responsible for being present alongside the writers for organizing and publishing new news pieces as they come along on the website and on Ponychan. It’s a time-sensitive position that’s main demand is making sure, when new pieces of information or news comes around, that you are to act immediately. TDO strives to give information at its earliest appearance, and having an able-bodied publisher is more demanding than you would believe.


  • Writing: one other demanding field is the writer; it’s one thing to tell about news when it happens, but it’s another thing to do it with a sense of style. Writers are expected to have a firm grasp of the English language to be able to easily explain and project information at a moment’s notice. Paired with publishing, this can ensure that once information is written, it can be published as soon as its finished. A writer really needs to care about the work he or she does, because whatever you say will get published, and it will reflect the outlook of the entire syndication. If need be, a writer will also take on the work of a publisher if none are available.


  • Web Designer(s): I will not lie when I say The Daily Oat needs a fresh coat of paint. An experienced and active Web Designer is a major benefit to having a news website, and this position will be working with me almost all the time. Must be on-call to design the site, whether it be a button layout to an entire background, and works alongside the graphic designer(s) to organize new creations and designs as they come along.


  • Graphic Designer(s): if vectors and digital design is more up your alley, we definitely have use for you! This position focuses on new banners for Ponychan threads, as well as design features for the website. For the latter, if a web designer is not present on the team, time on TDO will be spent on banners and possibly other areas where this position may apply


  • Moderator(s): as demand rises, availability of watchful eyes can become scarce at times. When the staff is gone, and there’s a clear link error or nasty comment left in the open, it’s the moderator’s job to go in and deal some justice. What is required is to take some time out of the day, for as long as you can, to keep track of outgoing publications and fix any errors, whether it be coding, spelling, or link failure. For the website, Moderators have more power to work directly on published articles. On Ponychan, moderators must establish relations with Ponychan’s moderation staff to help ensure any changes or reports can be done in a timely manner.


  • Community Manager: a direct line with readers and other notable persons ensures that we do not look like we are hosting any secret robotic employment and possible global domination. A community manager’s job is to ensure any direct questions from readers or important persons can be properly and swiftly managed. If a reader spots a mistake, the community manager can relay this to any moderator or present worker in the syndication. Community Managers will be in direct line with me to ensure that communication between Chief of Staff and employee are met. This will not be all what you will do, however. You are also expected to be working alongside writers and publishers to create and manage articles.

All positions are subject to change


Please read the disclaimer at our official hiring page before applying:

Pony Part Brigade

So after a disappointing lack of pony themed events at last year’s Anime Detour, my friends and I have taken it upon ourselves to host the first ever pony themed room party, which will be running all weekend, and include a myriad of pony themed activities as well as pony themed refreshments and a mix of pony and general dance music. However, parties are bucking expensive, so we’d like some help from the brony community. Check out and more info. If you’re going to Detour, you’ll be able to enjoy a better party, and if not, you’ll get access to a livestream of the party plus the feeling of knowing you helped us represent the pony fandom as awesomely as possible.

I have recently started a cool website called Brony Story. My idea behind this site is to share our communities stories and adventures with the world. Anypony can submit any kind of story about being a brony and their everyday lives. The site is very young and needs alot of exposure to our community, I was hoping you could help me out with that! Thanks.

Bring your friends and fun with you, to our personal little portal to Equestria! Currently we are still a small, chat based RP site, in need of new ponies! So come along and give it a try! Hopefully we can soon call this our new home, for pony based adventures, parties all around Ponyville and Equestria! Also, since we are rather new, many of the canon characters are still searching for a player~ Don’t be shy, be assertive! Join Ponytopia!




PMV – “Tough Task Ahead I Face”

Derpy’s 200 Smile by BaldDumboRat

Spitfire Vs. Rainbow Dash: The Wonderbolt’s Challenge

My Little Dashie – Teaser Trailer

My little Pony: Equestria 101 episode 2

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