Derpy delivers some love by Sunfur

Time to check Derpy’s Mailbag and see what people have been sending in.

[ Artwork Submissions ]

All Hail The Queen by Geordi Hall

Muffins Everywhere by Paul Taylor

MLP FiM Fan Art – Humanized Mane 6

[ Community Submissions ]


Ponyjobs is a community site dedicated to the job market (real job market that is). You can post a resume, or, if you’re an employer, a job.

Facebook Group: The 25+ Club

Are you a ponyfan but not too into hanging out with the younger crowd? Well there is now a Facebook Group dedicated to fans 25 and older.

Petition: Show Accurate Plushies

Good afternoon.

Earlier today someone started a petition with the goal of making Hasbro produce their own line of high quality and affordable pony plushes. We have been passing it around, with some success as we in 5 or 6 hours managed to rack up close to 300 signatures. The goal of this petition is 10.000. We, as in, all of the people who signed this, would appreciate if you could make a news article on your site, advertising the petition.
Thank you in advance.

Help Wanted: Brony Documentary

Video Explanation:

We’re very excited to get started on this project. Saber and I will be working on the script for it starting in the second half of May when both of us are out of college.

You may be wondering why we need your help. Well, there’s a few reasons:

-Equipment: All I use to make my videos is a netbook and that definitely isn’t going to cut it for a project this large. I’ll also be looking for a nice camcorder to use for filming. Not to mention there are also some programs we may want to use for this.

-Traveling expenses: Besides BronyCon, we may be traveling to other conventions to film, and I actually might get the chance to go to Vancouver to talk with Steffan Andrews about the music on the show. It’s not all set in stone yet but it is a possibility. I’m looking to see if I can get interviews with other staff members as well.

-Production and shipping: To produce the DVDs and CDs for the rewards and ship them, we’ll need the money to produce all of them. We’re looking to produce 300 CDs and 300 DVDs once this is all finished. Even if the reward slots don’t run out, we’ll be giving away whatever we make. We’ll also need the money for international shipping because we want EVERYone to be able to have a fair chance at getting one.

The documentary will be uploaded to youtube and possibly elsewhere on the web once it is done. This is all a labor of love for the community, we’re not looking to make money off of it. All of the funding we get will be going towards this project in some way. Kickstarter won’t take any money until the project is completely funded– so you’re not charged a cent until we reach 100%.

If we work on this all summer, we should expect it to release around September, hopefully before Season 3 of MLP starts.

Thank you for reading and wish us luck!

Twili Linux Distro

A new Linux distro called Twili Linux is being made by a team that is currently working on it. They’re hiring more people on Ponychan, and have a subreddit. They want betatesters and developers.

Super Pony Picker by Jhyrachy


Hi everypony! Here’s a little program I’ve made with the goal to simplify the life of bronies for the choice of the episodes to watch! With “Get Random Pony” the program will choose for you an episode, alternatively you can choose it manually from the pratical pull-down menu! To decide which Season can be shown or which the program can pick an episode with the random button, you can simply tick the options in the related boxes. Once an episode is chosen, you can click into the “YouTube Video!” button to open a new window in your browser and enjoy the episode!

Season 2 Polls

Hi Derpyhoovesnews:

I made a poll for season 2 and i want to ask to the brony comunity
here are the links This one have general information(favorite episode, songs, etc) This one about the new character in this season This one have question about new favorite character, outfit, reference, etc. This one have question about this poll.

The Friendship Brigade – Gaming Club

Friendship Brigade

Hello everypony! Are you a gamer who just can’t seem to find any pony to play with? Trying to get together with other bronies to play games like Halo Reach, Uncharted, or any other game? Or, are you looking to simply discuss a wide variety of topics with your fellow gaming bronies? Well, look no further! Introducing the Friendship Brigade! With our forum site, you can come together and meet other bronies gamers like yourself. We have combined elements from Facebook and Twitter and rolled them all up into a fancy forum site. You can also check out the main site (which can be found by pressing the HOME tab) and find various game dates and other events that the Brigade will be doing. We are also looking for people to host servers for the community as well, if you would like to host a server for us let an admin know on the forums. So come on down and join one of the largest growing brony gaming communities out there. We promise it will be one heck of a ride.

Here is a link:
Also Tara Strong gave us and brony comms a shout out as well: 

Derpy Vanity Plate

Attached to a Kawasaki KLR 650 Enduro motorcycle. This is actually the second plate I’ve seen, someone in Florida has one on their car.

[ Video Submissions ]

PMV – Here’s Hope by Owl City

My first pmv, this was a labor of love and dedicated to my cousin Rosio who passed away recently, she was 15. I hope you find it inspiring!

A Canterlot Wedding – Wedding Scene Music + Instrumental Love is in Bloom + Credits Theme by Alesiopdv

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic – Season 2 Songs (All Of Them) by MithzansPonies

Houston Bronies S2 Finale Party: A Canterlot Wedding (Raw Crowd Reactions) by LeoEmpie

MLP:FiM – Every episode at the same time by TommyXe
  • Supertide

    That vanity plate deeply offends me. The owner should take it off and pay a fine.

    • 8ftmetalhead

      …. why?

  • DerpyFan

    I kinda like it, so I’m sure I’ll be keeping it. If the term “Derpy” is offensive to you, what brought you to DHN in the first place?

    I certainly didn’t get it to offend anyone.