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We reported on the upcoming DVD and CD releases around the world a few weeks ago. Now Weatherhoof of Galacon, a pony convention in Germany on August 11 and 12, has secured pre-release copies of the German DVD and CD sets for us to raffle off!

The DVD set, to be released on April 6, consists of two sixty-six-minute DVDs with the first six episodes of season one—and they have no region code (a.k.a. region 0)! You can also pre-order part one and part two of the set on Amazon. The CDs, to be released on the same day, contain audio plays of the first four episodes of season one. Part one and part two can also be pre-ordered on Amazon. (Part one is now sold out!) For more information, see Weatherhoof’s in-depth review.

How to raffle: You have exactly two virtual raffle tickets, which you can invest both into the raffle for the complete DVD or CD set, or one into each (the default). To participate, send an email to feeds at derpyhooves dot com (the subject starting with “[Raffle]”), in which you specify how you would like to allot your two tickets. Deadline is next Tuesday, April 10, 2012, at 21:00Z, which is 5 p.m. EDT (UTC-4) and 11 p.m. CEST (UTC+2). The two winners will be drawn soon thereafter.

If we draw you, we’ll send you an email asking for a shipping address. If we don’t get a reply within fourty-eight hours, a new winner is drawn. Derpy Hooves News staff cannot participate in the raffle.

Update: Our two lucky winners have been drawn, been notified, and have replied. Congratulations! Your prizes are on their way.


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  • Anonymous

    Whats the catch?

  • Spazz

    Okay, I quit.

  • Creek :D

    Ponies on DVD…

    Even though it’s on neflix ._.

  • These are all only in German, right?

    • filledwithsolutions

      Excellent point. Based on the amazon links both of these are only in German. I could be missing something but the dvd doesnt appear to have any foreign language subtitles either. There are audio previews on the cds page, too bad something like it will never happen over here.

      Anyway really cool of you guys to give these away. Hopefully the winners can either know German or maybe this will help them learn it.

  • Adiwan

    Not sure if want.
    I’ve seen all the episodes on TV and I can say that the German dub is quite horrible.
    You can see all the German episodes online http://www.nickjr.de/list/video/my_little_pony

    • Just put both your tickets on the audio play if you’re not interested in the DVDs.

  • Folly

    >Derpy Hooves News staff cannot participate in the raffle.
    All of my sads. Even if it is in German, could make for some fun times in the right situation.

  • Brandon

    Schweet sure its German dub but hey its PONIES XD *BROHOOF*