DJ PON3’s palette revealed!

The new DJ Pinkie Pie game on The Hub’s royal wedding website features Vinyl Scratch and Pinkie Pie in simple scene splicer game in order to make a wedding reception preview video. Upon dropping the .swf asset into file into a flash object decompiler, we finally see that, according to the game’s asset designers, after removing Scratch’s specs, her eyes are revealed to be a magenta color (hex colors #BF1D79, #DB53A2, #FFB8E0).

Yes, she has eyelashes, her eyes are closed here.

Mystery solved? Maybe. We don’t know for sure if this asset is shared from the show or rebuilt for the game, but it’s the most official implication we’ve got so far (hey, Heartstrings did become Lyra after all)!

This also confirms previous mumblings of the fact that Scratch is actually a very pale yellow (#FEFDE7, to be exact), as opposed to white.

DJ PON3/Vinyl Scratch “Official” Palette
Eyes Coat Mane Specs
#BF1D79 (gradient base)
#DB53A2 accent 1
#FFB8E0 accent 2
#FEFDE7 primary
#C0A3B2 stroke
#3366CC color 1
#18E7E7 color 2
#1F3E7C stroke
#580E61 base gradient stop 1
#A030AD base gradient stop 2
#ED67D2 base gradient stop 3

#7C1298 accent gradient stop 1
#CF60EC accent gradient stop 2
#E2B1F8 accent gradient stop 3

  • Heh, <3 DJ P0N3 and I'll stll feel that way no matter what her palette is. It's amazing how MLP is the only show really where background characters are just as much fun as the main cast.

  • Profpatsch
  • Anon

    Sorry to say this, but eye color is inaccurate. In todays episode the eyes were red.

  • Kylebass

    Yep. We knew they were red. I think that the explanation here will show why they were magenta in the flash.

  • Timstuff


    I hate to rain on your parade, but that’s a load of crap. If the light was altering her eye color to the point that red looked like purple/magenta, then her DJ booth would look blue, which it does not. I should expect no less from this fanbase, though– whenever a popular fan theory gets jossed by the show, some nutty fans are go into overtime trying to discredit the show, no matter how ridiculous and irratational they become.

  • Her eyes both here and in the scene in the show are to dark to really be called Magenta, but too Purple to say they’re Red also. I would personally say they’re a very nice Burgundy color.

  • Spazz

    All the hex values listed were copied & pasted from the flash model, not sampled with a color picker. If there were some kind of lighting variance effecting the colors, why would it only effect her eyes? All of the other colors in the first image of the post (namely Pinkie Pie’s) are on-model.

    One thing I did discover while taking those hex values is that shadow tones are made with offsets, not static colors, which is why there’s no values listed for her rear shadowed leg.
    Therefore, if the “magenta” was a result of lighting, that hex value would be different.