Seems like Hasbro outside of the United States knows how to merchandise towards this community, or is at least more aware of us (ask any of the Euro fans). Seems a company from Australia by the name of Madman is producing a multile disc DVD Box Set of Friendship is Magic, Season 1. Far as sources knows there are no extras, and the boxset is kind of something you have to build (you buy Volume 1 with the box set, and then the rest of the volumes can be put into the box, no combo package of all of them + the box).

But be warned, its a Region 4 DVD, which means for North America and Europe, you’re more or less out of luck. I’m sure with some research though, I would assume you can get a computer DVD player to play foreign regions, or you can just order a Region 4 DVD player off eBay, its your choice.

DVD Region 4

  • Mexico
  • South & Central America
  • The Caribbean
  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Oceania Region

Each volume is going to retail for about 20 AUD, the boxset which includes Volume 1 will be 30 AUD. All volumes come in 5.1 Surround Sound. All volumes are 132 minutes (or 6 episodes).


[Source: The Round Stable]

And then over in the land of beer and my relatives we have My Little Pony: Freudschaff ist Magie, Folge 1 or FiM Episode 1 for Germany. This DVD is currently in pre-order status over on and comes in at the cost of 8.99 Eur. This DVD is only 3 episodes long (The two pilot episodes and I think Ticket Master, google translator is calling the first two “A contract of Princess Celestia” and episode 3 “A Friend’s Not Easy”.

Also available and on pre-order status is MLP:FiM – Das Original-Horspiel Zur Tv-Serie or well, an audio CD. I’m not sure if this is music or possibly story telling, as there is hardly a description on the article. This can also be found on here.

Update: Seems Volume 2 is also up for pre-sale here on and is another 3 episode disc. Thanks to LockeStockeandBaryl in the comments for pointing that out.

And for us in North America…well nothing. Checking the latest news from Shout Factory, no mention of the next DVD that will be released, though if you’re interested they’re currently holding a contest, grand prize is a copy of the DVD, The Friendship Express (7 pieces, so it must be the whole thing) and MLP: Twinkle Wish Adventure DVD (cause its haunting their warehouse). Details can be found here.

  • LockeStockeAndBaryl

    It looks like the second disc of the German version is also available for pre-order on, with episodes 4-6. They don’t seem to be very creative with the episode titles; “Griffon the Brush-off” and “Boast Busters” are called something like “Gilda, the Party Killer” and “Show-off Trixie” according to Google Translate.

  • Lenn

    First, the germans are not ‘that’ creative when it comes to american Movie or Episode titels, second it’s written “My Little Pony: Freundschaft ist Magie” and third it seems that the Hörspiel is storytelling.

  • Derpz

    I read this and felt depressed, then I realised oh wait… I live in Australia, SOON!

  • Anonymous

    Hörspiele are usually some kind of storytelling with parts of the audiotrack from the original medium and a narrator to explain scenes that aren’t self-explanatory from the audio alone.

    They are very popular with German children, don’t know how it is in other countries.

  • Sketch

    Other countries always get the good stuff right before the U.S. which means it’ll be released here soon right?

  • Anonymous

    Well, I live in Southern California, so I can smuggle some Region 4 DVD players back across the border.

  • Devin

    Yeah. Texas. I can mosey on down to the border for some DVD players.

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