416 – It Ain’t Easy Being Breezies


Written By Natasha Levinger iTunes
Directed By Jayson Thiessen, Jim Miller Google
Storyboard Sherann Johnson, Dave Wiebe Wikia
Air Date March 01st 2014 Transcript
Ratings 644,000 viewers

Fluttershy tries to help magical creatures, but soon finds herself tending to their every need.


  • LogicPony

    Is anyone else terrified about what this title implies?

  • Fetch

    Breezies = fairy ponies from G3.

    Let’s just hope it’s just Twilight trying that wings spell she used on Rarity, but getting interrupted and thus instead of just wings of butterfly, it causes Rarity (and some or all of the others) to also shrink to size of butterfly.

  • Rarie Pie

    I grew up on G3, so i expect the modification of the breezies to be similar to those of the ponies. The only think different between breezies and ponies is that breezies live in flowers, are the size of a butterfly, have dragonfly like wings, have antenna, and are an endangered species compared to othet species in Equestria. I got mad when i first saw G4. Season four is halfway through and i am drawing ponies G4 style. Mane-ly mares, and on occasions stallions. I even use General Zoi’s pony creator, v3 that is. Sometimes I make myself a Bat Pony, but I’m an Earth Pony.

    • Rarie Pie


  • Glavie

    That synopsis is for the wrong ep…

    • Thanks for pointing that out, wires get crossed when I’m updating the e-guides.

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I hope the breezies don’t take over pony vile like the para sprites did!

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  • brian

    I found dthis episode very interesting and loved the way the brezies were portrayed however I did not think thi was a very good key episode for fluttershy after all in all the other key episodes the charters loss touch with their element like in rainbow falls rainbow relizes she’s lost her loyslty to her friend when she faked being sick and in rarity takes mane hattan raity losses her generosity after she takes advantance of her friends generosity making them miss henny of the hills in order to help her or in pinkie pride pinkie losses touch with her laughter after feeling her friends like chesse sand witch more then her in this episode flutter shy never losses touch with her element so I dontthink this is a very good key episode