Episode Aftermath: Artwork – Secret of my Excess

by *johnjoseco

Its one of the things that is echoed in this fandom, we work fast, especially the artists out there who produce a small library of fanart within 24 hours of the new episode.  John Joseco is probably the most known for this, as it seems literally an hour after the episode has aired, there is something posted from him, sometimes black and white, sometimes color.  But this is a new thing I’ll be test driving, in short its an artwork showcase of what I found new and episode related.  Of course this week is heavy with Spike, since it was a “Spike” episode for a change.

This may be a chain of posts today (since Sundays typically end up being very quiet news wise).  You know the tumblr crowd has been hard at work.
by *THAT-Technique
by *johnjoseco
by *johnjoseco
by ~empty-10
by ~Squid-Cult
by ~MacheteSaga
by ~Crabmeatstick

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