Applejack by ~WingsofFox

Hey, remember the Applejack oriented episode we had Saturday? Probably not. I waited an extra day for the Aftershock post, mainly cause I hoped someone would draw a few things of AJ. But nope, the fallout of the Derplosion has spread far and wide, and so has the love for that storm cloud. Gallery after the page break.

[Poll Results]

Chimicherry or Cherrychanga? Result

  • 1,528 for CherryChanga
  • 449 for Chimicherry
Fan Rating s2e14 – 5 out of 5
  • 1,523 @ 5 out of 5
  • 373 @ 4 out of 5.
This is actually the first episode rated for 5 out of 5, but obviously its Derpy Love.

  • Anonymous

    Not just Derpy love. Pinkie Pie was in top form.

  • Anonymous

    I would vote 5 event without Derpy in it. It was a very good one and Depry was just a bonus for me.
    Well, as for Pinkie Pie, I didn’t like much the fact that she was reduced to the device for annoying ponies, but it was annoyingly funny ;)

  • Anonymous


  • SurfPenguin

    I gave this episode five out of five because it had everything I personally want in my TV cartoon viewing: Story, character development, action, comedy and worldbuilding. The fact that our favorite mailmare got a speaking role was just icing on the cake :)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I honestly thought this was an excellent episode not even counting Derpy. In fact I specifically considered the episode minus the Derpy part before voting 5 in the poll :)

  • Steph’

    Derpy was just the cherry on top of the episode sundae. Really, I thought it was going to be all downhill from Derpy’s appearance and it turned out to be my favorite episode since the season 2 two parter. Lots of wonderful character bits from everypony.

  • Anonymous

    It was rated 5/5 also because of the action from the chase scene.

  • It was indeed an awesome episode, and glad to see its not getting 5 out of 5 just because of Derpy.