lost in the forest by Nayshi-Erol

lost in the forest by Nayshi-Erol

Zap2it has published a very short and somehow typo’d synopsis for the fifth episode. Find it after the break.

When Trixie returns to Ponyville, she defeat Twilight and banishes her from town.

  • WhoDatFool

    Very pleased to get a confirmation on Trixie’s return, looking forward to more Kathleen Barr on the show!

  • Twilight isn’t gonna become an Alicorn is she? Cause if so I am done with this show.

  • Chromadancer

    Smells like fanfiction and pandering. Hope this isn’t typical of the rest of the season.

    • Anonymous

      It also smells like the set-up for the TV show Kung Fu.

      You can’t tell anything about the quality of an episode from that one-sentence blurb. Don’t be in such a rush to judge it a month before it airs.

      • Supertide

        It’s exactly what the fans wanted. Trixie returns, she’s pissed at Twilight and overwhelms her cause her magic actually kicks ass. Hell, there were fanfics with the exact same plot, how is that not pandering? What’s next? Nyx officially becomes the main character?

        I’m so thrilled about this season. Really.

        • Anonymous

          Fans of Doctor Who in the 60s wanted more Daleks. They ended up making the show popular in the first place, and went on to become one of the most popular villains in sci-fi.

          The Fonz was originally a bit part of the Happy Days pilot that the live audience loved and who eventually became the second protagonist.

          Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Spike was supposed to be killed off after five episode, but the fandom’s immediate shine to him saved him and made him into one of the show’s funniest and coolest characters.

          So in short, to paraphrase Seth Green, your logic makes the kind of sense that….isn’t. Just because someone’s written a fan fiction with a similar plot doesn’t mean a good writer can’t make something that works and satisfies fan demand.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, there’s absolutely NO WAY this show can have a returning character WITHOUT pandering to the fandom.

      That’s just impossible.


      • lol/fit/

        Totally, man. So what if she’s an established canon character that has a history with a main character? If she returns, it’s SOOOO pandering to the fandom! /s

  • Applepie

    I’m so hyped!

  • Anonymous


    But seriously, lol/fit/ is right, just because a one shot character returns doesn’t mean the production team is bending over backwards to please the fans. And even if it is a bit fanservicey, it doesn’t mean it’ll be bad at all.

    Cheer up kids, it’ll be a fun episode.