Equestria Daily has recently released an audio recording of an exclusive interview between EqD staff and MLP:FiM supervising director Jayson Thiessen.  I typically don’t repeat these reports, as it is something that EqD has worked on and put time into.  But someone sent me in the basic footnotes of the interview, as the audio file is 72 minutes long.  The full Equestria Daily article found here.

Thanks to Dr. White who submitted these footnotes, more may pop up, and I’ll update as needed.

– Mr. Thieseen’s excited about the growth of the show’s fandom.  Called it unprecidented.

– There is a new storyboard supervisor this season.

– Outsourcing to Studio B has greatly improved the creative process.

– We will learn more about Equestria history this season.

– There will be the return of some “episodic” characters.

– There will be new characters, monsters, non-monsters, ponies, non-ponies and so forth.

– We’ll get episodes that focus on the minor characters.  Male characters?

– Lack of permenant character development, but he said he really likes the idea.

– He likes the furry costumes.

– Great villians, but not always evil?

– Season finale will be quote “so cool”.

– It will stay funny.

Interesting, and really no spoilers, unless people are truly going hardcore.  I see people freaking out over the furry comstumes, but I do believe there is a set of MLP ponies made by furries that are really well done.  Heard someone mention they’re being sold on ebay.  But very interesting, and thank you good doctor.
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  • plaster

    im not gonna lie and im not ashamed to say that im super jealous that they were able to do the interview.

    Forever unknown to the animation staff ;_;

  • Anonymous

    I doubt Thiessen knows what furries do in those costumes.

  • pyritie

    ^ walk around in them at cons? having sex in a fursuit is a great way to ruin them really quickly, and since these things usually cost a couple thousand bucks, you don't really want to ruin them!

  • derpymaths

    nice summary. this is perfect for people like me with a 5 minute attention span.