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One piece of confirmed news and a rumored image to go with it.  Youtube user zammap attended the recent Toy Fair and found the premise for the new Pony IP Equestria Girls embedded in an industry magazine handed out at said Fair (Click here for scanned-in image).  As has been rumored, it will feature human versions of the Mane 6.  The article notes that it’s a spin-off series, so there needn’t be much worrying about how the show will affect Friendship is Magic itself.  After the break can be found a rumored concept image from the show, leaked by a noted troll Tumblr.

[Source:  zammap via Discord’s Domain]

Update: In regard to some comments, the editor of Kidscreen confirmed to us the genuineness of the page and the contained information from the February/March 2013 issue of Kidscreen. She also added that Equestria Girls is a completely separate show that will have no bearing on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. —Telofy

  • Patrick Moscatello

    I’m okay with this. It could be awesome. After all, Who would have thought in 2009 that any of this would even happen.

    • Micky

      Finally someone agrees with me. I think it’d be cool.

    • blayne

      I kind of wish they weren’t all in skirts. rainbow dash and apple jack are tomboys, what kind of self reaspecting tomboy would wear a skirt. I hope its still somewhat similar to the regular show and they don’t start getting boyfriends and stop going on adventures.

      • winter

        I agree. I also hope that they aren’t vally girls.

    • Anonymous

      Equestria girls is gonna be soooooooooooo stupid!

      • Anonymous

        it`s like they are owning the ponies!you know,treating them like pets!it makes me soooo angry!I WILL SOON START SCREAMING!

    • Anonymous


  • I am not liking the setting of that troll blog’s concept art. The style is a tad creepy too.

  • The very British usage of “series three” in a North American trade show magazine has me a little suspicious.

  • greybrother

    What’s so Equestrian about it if they’re humans? Looks like it’s designed to compete with Monster High or something.

  • Andrew

    Well in the troll tumblr, it says that that is part of the concept art of the MLP movie. I have seen a lot of humanizations already, so I think that this won’t happen. Besides the name of the series is “My Little Pony”, not “My Little Colored Human” XP

  • Alex

    I honestly don’t care. This isn’t gonna be canon at all and it’ll probably crash and burn after a single season. As long as we’re getting FiM this is just gonna end up a footnote in the history of animation.

  • Anonymous

    So this is what they are stealing for huh

  • Pendejo

    is this the source of the booru shitstorm? dont even answer that!

  • So, to recap:

    Right at a time when the brony fandom is been dealing with “issues” and is fairly vulnerable, a known tumblr troll leaks some alleged concept art of humanized ponies, which is followed shortly by a (really quite good) graphic designer, costumer maker, and comic book artist who *does* have the capability to fake a magazine page ( — she can make stickers, glossy digital prints, et cetera) uploading an alleged magazine page from a North American trade show that doesn’t use North American trade terminology (“series” three instead of “season” three).

    Seems legit.

    Perhaps it is true, but I’m in a Henry Fonda in 12 Angry Men mood right now.

    • Hi
      There is still one day left of toy fair. If you wish I could take another video from inside the center, walk over to the magazine rack, look at the pile of Kidscreens, open it, and show you the page?

      And thank you for the compliments.

      • It would certainly strengthen your side of the argument, as long as it’s not just one copy that could’ve easily been slipped into the rack with the rest. Then I’ll believe it. Well, more than I did previously, anyway.

        But that still doesn’t explain why they’re using blatantly wrong terminology in an industry magazine.

        • Anonymous

          Wrong? Excuse me! It is you bloody Americans that have bastardised the english language thank you very much. So if anyone is wrong here it is you!

          • Brit Guy

            Please do it

          • Sigh. The wrong terminology for the *locale*.

            Would you have preferred “incongruous”?

        • An Ex-Parrot

          Zammap, could you do that for use, please?

          • Oh, I was a tad bit lazy today and didn’t want to leave the house for something that will be proven true later.

            BUT here is something I found on a transformer website concerning the special toyfair issue of kidscreen


            The quotes in the blog can be found in the original scan

            under “Transforms roll out”

          • Ponichaeism

            So as proof, you linked to a website that used your own scans as a source? Excuse me if I find that that doesn’t really prove anything.

          • Ponichaeism

            So here’s something I noticed:

            All this time I’ve been trying to wrap my head around why an industry trade magazine such as Kidscreen would make such an amateurish mistake as calling “season three”, the North American term, “series three” instead, which is the British way. So I had another look at your site, and I noticed you seem to prefer the British spelling of “colour”, rather than the US spelling of “color”.

            So that’s interesting.

          • Ponichaeism

            Well, I guess you were right after all, Zammap, and it was just pure incompetence on the part of whoever’s in charge of editing Kidscreen.

          • Yeah I derped there, I didn’t scroll down enough to see they used my scan. And I couldn’t delete my comment :/

            But I did notice something

            The magazine is Canadian and the writer is from Toronto. Does that help? Do they use that sort of term in Canada?

            And as you can see from the PDF scan of the whole magazine ( it discusses cartoons all over the world meaning it’s an international magazine (page 4, Norway, page 6 BBC, page 17 Chile…).

            Also I’m from NYC (which is why I was able to go to toy fair) and Hispanic, I don’t see how a British term means I wrote it.

          • Ponichaeism

            No, the term is only used in Britain and Australia, which means either someone from those two places or an Anglophile would’ve used it, just as only an Anglophile would use the British “colour” instead of “color”. At least, as is my experience.

          • Ex-Parrot

            Also, that putlocker link prompts you to download a .exe. I am a bit suspicious of that.

    • Jody Morgan

      Props for referencing a great movie, there. Maybe that should be played one at one of these brony movie night events.

      • Ponichaeism

        Thanks! I actually just watched it as research for a trial scene for a fanfiction I’m writing. I’m amazed how it’s ninety minutes in one room, and yet it manages holds your attention the whole time.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a spin-off series. All we have to do is avoid it like the pest, and go directly to the S4. Nothing of more easy.

  • Pendejo

    excuse me for being a bastard.

  • Arty

    Could mean they’re “entering the human world” to help humans find the meaning of friendship.
    Just saying, this idea could be a spin-off plot, since the current show looks like it’s towards the end or in need of a revamp.

  • An Ex-Parrot

    Zammap, what about this (from the /mlp/ board). What do you say to that? I’m not trying to troll, I just want to hear your response.

    You massive faggots all fell for it. First of all:
    THERE IS NO FUCKING KIDSCREEN ISSUE FEBRUARY-MARCH 2013. YES, YOU DID FALL FOR IT FAGGOTS. Kidscreen prints closed the very yesterday and the last issue had power rangers as front page. Source? and internets.
    Other than that, analyze the video: On the frontpage it clearly says “hurr hasbro going asia stuff @ page 67” and guess what, when the camera pans to the fatidic MLP page on the top left corner it’s talking about that, hasbro going international. What’s wrong with that? What’s wrong is that the page with the mlp stuff is 34.
    So yeah, you faggots got trolled fucking hard.
    Well played “Zammap”, well fucking played.

  • An Ex-Parrot

    Note that I’m not saying ^^, it’s a copypaste from a post on the /mlp/ board

  • An Ex-Parrot

    Also, something doesn’t add up: the article says it’ll air “in Spring” but the new IP was going to be ANNOUNCED at Comic Con in SUMMER for an AUTUMN release, according to Hasbro.

  • anon

    they should do a Conversion Bureau spin off next.

  • Naz

    I can remember the bg from another former TV show, cant remember the name but it tan from 2000-2005 or something. BTW I saw these images of the ponies on a year ago.

  • Me

    OMG OMG I love that cute art style! Someone give those girls a hug!

  • anonnona

    I’m… curious about this.
    Although it might be a big pressure on the show, since there are millions of fan humanizations, what if people won’t like the canon models?
    Speaking of which, I hope the ‘concept art’ is fake, or at least I wouldn’t like multi-colored humans…
    If it holds the spirit of MLP, then it can be a good show.
    also it’ll be easier to fap to

  • 22warriorcat22

    Which Toy Fair was this? A relative of mine was just at NY Toy Fair! :)

    • The American International Toy Fair has been held in NYC for quite a while now. Yes, they most likely went to the same one.

  • DJ KI773N

    Whee! It’s the same peep!

  • 22warriorcat22

    Ugh! Look at their FEET!
    I am DJ KI773N

  • Hayzel

    Seriously though, this could be awesome. (Just as long as they don’t go down the path of Winx, Monster High, etc.)

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