Discord Purchases Fluttershy by mattyhex

Discord Purchases Fluttershy by mattyhex

After an initial hiccup, the extended synopsis for Keep Calm and Flutter On is finally out (episode 11 in production order, 10 otherwise, to air on January 19). The source is again AT&T U-verse, who get their data from a company called FYI Television.

Though the synopsis may not be as revelatory as the Spike at Your Service one, it allows for some delicious speculation—after the break.

Princess Celestia has decided that the rambunctious Discord needs to be tamed and commissions the ponies for the job; Fluttershy believes that Discord deserves a second chance but she faces opposition as the only one who thinks so.

Since Discord was modeled after Q, it doesn’t seem far-fetched to speculate that his further development might also parallel that of Q. “Rambunctious,” a term I mostly associate with toddlers and small children, suggests that the ponies might no longer view Discord as an almighty nemesis—a shift in perspective that, in Star Trek, was contingent on the insight that Q was more of a naughty youngster in the continuum. The use of “tamed” stresses this new alignment, in which the ponies are in control, but poses the question whether Discord ought rather be thought of as a little rascal or as an undomesticated pet… However that may be, speculate away!

  • >>The use of “tamed” stresses this new alignment, in which the ponies are in control, but poses the question whether Discord ought rather be thought of as a little rascal or as an undomesticated pet.<<

    Since I read the first synopsis, I figured they were going for a King Solomon-type deal, where the ponies have to bind the demon to their will to get him to do something for them. After all, most of the demons in the Lesser Key of Solomon are chimeras, and the show's already got plenty of occultist subtext.

    It'd be pretty hilarious if Celestia just wanted his help building a new wing for the castle.

    • Hehe. And there is a whole branch of magic(k) called Chaos Magic(k). These traditions must be a trove of inspiration for someone (Dave Polsky) who gets to play with a world where magic is real.

      • Not just Dave Polsky. Lauren Faust, too.

        After all, she’s the one who (consciously or not) made the idea of cutie marks nearly identically to the True Will from Aleister Crowley’s Thelema. Twilight’s cutie mark even looks a bit like the symbol of Thelema.

        • Which has a five-petaled flower in the center, and Twily’s cutie marks looks like it should have six minor stars ringing it but in fact only has five. Hmm, can you find the 93 in it somehow? Maybe it is also significant that it has a darker left-handed hexagram obscuring a white right-handed one.

          And Unicharm Amulet is of course a pun on Unicursal Amulet (which may refer to the hexagram or the pentagram).

          • Well, “93” refers to the words “Will” and “Love”, and they’ve got the Will part down (cutie marks, etc) so the “Love” probably refers to friendship, which is also magic. After all, in the Crystal Empire the crystal ponies had to reignite the love within their hearts to banish the darkness, and the fact that Twilight uses both good magic and evil magic in the same episode could be a reference to right-hand path and left-hand path magic.

            After all, Mitch Larson is (I’m assuming) the guy who wrote Twilight taking up a pose from the Tarot in Magic Duel, and the Tarot *is* heavily rooted in the esoteric tradition….

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  • Kwiemakala

    Discord was never truly evil. If you look at his intentions, he was just having fun. His intentions were never to harm or help anypony. Using the alignments from D&D, he would fit most in chaotic neutral.

    • BronyDash925

      His intentions where to cause chaos and to turn ponies against each other… that’s pretty evil

  • What is known about the episode. In addition, going to be great! I hope it will be. For this same spoiler was epic! It’s already tomorrow! Fasten your seat belts, getting ready to be fun!