Sunny and Cody notified me that Disney Channel started to air custom bumpers for upcoming shows. Sunny recorded two of them on her phone (one, two).

Unfortunately, the iLive stream went down during the repeat this morning, so I can’t find the exact same clips, but I found one a few minutes earlier that contains both sequences, assuming the right-to-left Wander is merely mirrored.

Cody also pointed out that the sequence with Wander and Sylvia is the exact same that was part of the “Whoa!” preview at Comic-Con 2012. I hope we’ll get to see that one in HD one day. In the meantime, does anyone have a backup of the cam recording of it was used to be up on YouTube? It has been purged!

Thanks to Cody again for reminding me of this alternative recording of the panel and the preview.

Update: HD capture embedded after the jump.

  • AppleCobbler44

    Wow, the ‘pilot’ they showed in 2012 looks kinda different from the current look of the show. Everything looks more stiff, the outlines look abit more thin, Wander looks abit more like his initial designs and slightly less ‘young’/bouncy.

    Pretty cool that this was made a year ago and i didnt notice it.