Derpysquad and myself were planning on doing something like this, maybe. I could have misunderstood.

ANYWAYS, a faithful commenter and reader sent a link in for these OC comics that are quite good. The MC gets more adorable with each comic too.
In all honesty, they could be done with humans but I highly doubt it would have as much impact. There’s just something about ponies that makes everything better.

The artist calls them pasteltures and the artist is nya-nyannu. Check out the series of comics on her dA.

  • DerpySquad

    No you got the idea, featured artists who get their own entry into the blog to showcase the work they do. I was going to post this one up but I see you beat me to the punch (good job!).

    And like others who have commented on these comics, they do match some things of my own real life, though my cat doesn't stare at me all night while I'm working ponies.

  • nya-nannu

    Thank you for the Feature! ^^

  • DerpySquad

    Our pleasure :)

  • Anonymous

    They are so pretty and funny, thanks for the link. That artist does a lot of cute stuff and she sounds so nice.