I came across this comic on Ponibooru and enjoyed it enough to want to share.  Its the fact that Derpy was in it, but of course I got digging around.  First up is Derp of the Moon, which is I’d call a commentary comic about the new Transformers movie.  Derpy’s line in the 2nd comic is classic.  But with the digging I also found a more epic (and funny) comic called My Little Sunshine, featured after the page break.  This one is more epic.

Pixelkitties has a few more short comics and a high addiction to Doctor Whoof, while also having some OC artwork and ‘process’ art of some characters and comics.  Love the work, and keep it up.

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    Hello! This is Pixelkitties, and I wanted to thank you for devoting an entire blog post to my silly art! I'm really touched that you thought enough of my comics to feature them!

    Thanks so much ! I really appreciate it!