By *YoorPorick

YoorPorick needs no introduction, if you don’t know who he is, you’ve probably seen his art somewhere in this fandom.  The latest piece shown above is a perfect example of the high detailed placed into many of his images, and if you knew where to dwell, you could get a chance to watch the man work via livestream like I did with the above piece.

I’ve pondered doing some sort of Q&A for our feature artists, but what questions can you really ask them, besides what programs, and possibly what inspires them.  But I’ll leave that up to the artist, could just be a good combo of colorful equine and meth.

Sadly as I go over YoorPorick’s dA account, his latest update (August 15th) says that he’s become bored with drawing nothing but ponies, and feels it’s time to get back to his roots and try practicing some new work (under his non-pony name Poor Yorick).

Obviously check out his dA (linked above) for the full gallery, I’ve pulled some great pieces and shoved them after the page break.

(Also, my internet is totally screwed up atm, which explains lack of posts).

  • 8ftmetalhead

    I want that pinkie pie one on a shirt at some point. But the top one fshy pdp is a bit too grr for me. still, very well done in all cases. I've been a fan of his pics for a while :)

  • LosthopeOfDusk

    Is a bit sad when someone decides to leave, but maybe he will be back someday.

  • webkilla

    does anyone have a link to the Poor Yorick dA account? I can't find it anywhere.

  • plaster

    Looks like I forgot to properly link it, but all the picture captions link to the ones in his gallery