by *xofox
We’ve seen many things made in this fandom, ponies made from clay, plushies, paper craft, even ponies made of metal.  Well this would probably make Hank Hill jealous, wood ponies.  Spazz or Plaster posted a link up to xofox who apparently has a hobby of crafting ponies.  According to his dA account this is a new hobby, as his previous (and I’m sure still practiced) hobby was photography.  It takes a special hand to work with wood (get your mind out of the gutter), I know from my experience many moons ago in wood shop, well most of my creations were more suited for a fireplace rather than mantel.
xofox has done probably most of the ponies from the looks of things, from much of the mane 6 to Lyra & Bonbon, Zecora and even Big Mac.  You can find his gallery here, though I’ve featured many pictures behind the page break.  Enjoy!

Derpy Hooves

Doctor Whooves



Rainbow Dash

Carrot Top

Vinyl Scratch DJ Pon3

Pinkie Pie

Twilight Sparkle



  • Anonymous

    Impressive! They have an old timey feel to them, and are still so charming. (The Fluttershy, Rarity, and Dr. Whooves are my favorites.)