FlashInThePan Visits /co/

/co/ was randomly visited by FlashInThePan, for any newfoals to the community, FitP works for the Vancouver Studio and has ‘insider’ knowledge of the show, including having seen the great Bible of FiM that details the world.  He has randomly popped into /co/ from time to time, and I do believe this was his first visit after the blow up in February.

I have a total transcript of the Q&A session after the page break.  He also dropped off some original reaction pictures, seen here below.  Happy reading!

Hay guys. Me again. Sorry it’s been so long since I last popped by, have  been busy as all anything for the last two months.

For those who don’t know me, I worked on Ponies. Usual rules apply: I  can’t talk about future episodes, I can talk about past episodes, and can  talk a little bit about production. Ask me questions.

Also, I made a series of crappy reaction pictures of the main cast.  Halfway through I realized that there are better on-model ones from the  show, and better off-model ones from other fan-artists. Oh well. Have  some more.

Q: What is with the obsession this show seems to have with mustaches?  It’s funny as hell and I love it

A: Dunno? Probably just cuz it’s funny as hell.

Q: Have you drawn something new for us? I like your art and my FitP  folder is way too small

A: See attached, bro. These are all new.

Q: Say Flash, are you a shipper? are other animators shippers? If so,  what do you ship?

A: Nope. I once started reading a fan-fic (because why not) and then I  couldn’t finish it once they started kissing. I think a couple of the  staff are sorta half-assedly into it, for the laffs, but … probably  not? Or if they are, they don’t share it at work. FluttertreeXBloomberg  OTP

Q: This one’s been bugging me: How do you guys spell Mac’s name? McIntosh  like the actual apple, or Macintosh?

A: Hmm. Not sure. My guess is McIntosh. But I’d have to check… and..  don’t have time for that.

Q: Holy balls it’s FlashinthePan.  I picked a good night to give pony  generals another chance. Any thoughts on:  The message, not so much Faust  confirmed on dA that absolutely no one that participated on working on  that episode had any intention of a religious tone to the episode. The  lesson at the end was purely “trust your friends” and shit. I don’t get  why people are still so upset over it, but I’m agnostic, not atheist, so  maybe that’s why.

A:  Haha, actually, I had the same “seems kinda.. unscientific” response  to it, but the phrase “leap of faith” just provokes a kneejerk reaction  in me. I still like the ep.

Q:  What does the team think of Pokey?

A:  I’m afraid we don’t think very much of Pokey at all.

Q:  Do you know how many people (if any) are in charge of quality  control, such as being another set of eyes to look out for art or  animation flubs?

A:  Actually, the stock runs have slightly tweaked eyes… but they’re…  not meant to look like that. Don’t really know how that happened.

Q: I have to ask, how do you feel about your fandom nowadays? Were not  too disturbing are we?

A:  Meh, it ain’t no thang. Parts of the MLP fandom were too disturbing  before FIM even started. Do you think YOU’RE too disturbing? Live and let  live.

Q:  Hey man, you said Sonic Rainboom was animated in-house, just  wondering, was Over a Barrel as well? Or can you tell us which other  episodes were? Just curious

A:  Eps 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 26 all in-house. (The last four because the  layout teams moved on to animation and other series at the studio ended  so we had more crew handy).

Q:  I don’t completely believe you are who you say you are, but on the  off chance you are who you say you are: Good evening.  As for questions,  I had always wondered whether or not the respective crews could keep  straight faces when working. I mean, I know you’re all deadly serious  about your jobs, but I just can’t help but see the crew taking little  breaks every now and again because they can’t help themselves.

A:  Haha, we take breaks all the time. It’s a lot of work, but we aren’t  super dour or anything. At least, not all of us.  I can already tell I’m  gonna fall really far behind on answer questions guys, sorry in advance  if I miss stuff.

Q:  >worked  silli question but … why “worked”? you got fired or  something? also, do you know when MLP FiM is going to air in mexico or  latin america? keep being awesome

A:  I was in the layout department, layout hasn’t started yet. That  happens in the second half of may. Will be going back to Ponies, yes.

Q:  Hey Flash, who decides what ponies are put in the backgrounds

A:  Whoever lays out an individual scene decides who gets in the  background, unless there’s a specific instruction in the board. For BG  ponies there usually aren’t.

Q:  Do you have fun drawing the ponies?  It’d be awesome if I enjoyed my job that I’ve got.

A: Since it’s flash, we actually do very few new drawings. Only for  really custom stuff. That’s fun to do, but time consuming, so we can’t do  it that ofte

Q:  So like. How many days does it take to do one episode

A:  One episode from start to finish can take almost a year, including  gaps for lawyers to clear stuff, etc. et

Q:  I know you can’t really talk about future episodes, but I have to  ask: will we continue to see the same background ponies in season two? I  mean, the fandoms gotten quite attached to lyra, bon-bon, OPPP, et al,  and some here have speculated that all the interchangeable ponies will be  completely different next season for marketing reasons (so hasbro can  sell them as recolors).

A:  Same BG ponies, as far as I know (there’s no way we’d waste such good  re-use!) but there might be a few new ones, too. Not really sure.

Q:  d’you like the fanarts? the ‘bad’ ones? not badly drawn, but the  horror-inducing ones, like Dead Space crossovers.

A:  Frickin’ love the fanart. I love that I’m part of a production that  gets fanart MADE. And.. the volume. Holy crap.

Q:  hey flash! you know the name of twilight’s mom?

A:  Sadly, I do not know her name.

Q:  Have you ever made Crass and vulgar images of the ponies on a  storyboard to let off steam?  I’d post the Rugrats example, but I don’t  have it on me

A:  I don’t do boards, but at least a third of the people on staff have  doodled off-colour pony drawings. I know some of the board artists have  too.

Q:  Is working on MLP fun? Are YOU a Brony?

A:  I like the show, so.. I guess I am a brony, yes. Also, I’m posting  here. I also like working on it! Everybody wins.

Q:  Was Luna not planned for many episodes, or was she removed from the  general overview for any particular reason?

A:  I think she just… wasn’t written into the first season. Maybe they  had a lot of other story ideas or whatever? I have no insight into that  part of the production process, unfortunately.

Q:  This is one of the few times I’ve had the free time to actively lurk  a pony thread. Hello FlashinthePan!  I have no idea if this has been  asked before, so I’m going to assume it hasn’t: do any of the crew  working on MLP:FiM have children? Do they watch the show as well? Does  that affect the way the episodes are created at all? I’m trying to ask  how you all come up with what you feel is a “good” episode. Apologies in  advance for any misunderstandings.

A:  There are some staff members who have kids, and I think at least a  couple of them have kids who watch the show. As for what makes a good  episode? The people in charge are experienced, they know what works and  what doesn’t – we all just try to make something we’d enjoy.

Q:  Hey Flash! You and Glamor(Haven’t seen her in forever either) get  into S2?

A:  I don’t know if Glamourkat has signed a contract yet, but to the best  of my knowledge she’s on for S2. Me too

Q:  Have executives or producers exerted more creative control over the  series for the second season or plan to?  Also, what is the relative  success of show thus far? On a premium channel it doesn’t get as much  exposure as most cartoons on other networks do.

A:  Last I heard (which was, admittedly a few months ago) Ponies was  pretty much tied for top rating on HUB… with Pound Puppies nipping  closely at its heels.

Q:  Who is your favorite pony? You’ve probably answered this, but I don’t  know myself.

A:  Pinkie Pie, but only marginally – I like’em all.

Q:  Hey Flash, do you guys ever brainstorm about other monsters you’d put  into the show?

A:  Not me, but I’m sure somebody does. Probably mostly the writers.

Q:  Is it true that Weird Al Yankovic said that might work with the show?

A:  You guys know as much about that as I do.

Q: Have any other staff members made comments referring to either Lyra or Bon-Bon? Or any of the background characters really (except Derpy. I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that everyone on the staff has acknowledged her).

A:  Mmmmm inasmuch as some of us have responded to the fan response to  them, yes. But at least one crew member is definitely having fun with  Lyra, given how many funky poses she ends up in.

Q: I noticed the “derp eyed” pony make a few more appearances that weren’t in the background. Was this done in response to the fans obsessing over the background character

A:  Yes. Until the internet noticed her, I’m pretty certain nobody  on-staff (except the person who posed her out) knew she was even there in  that first episode.

Q:  I wonder what he thinks about the fact that there’s a 25000-word origin story for Pokey over on Equestria Daily… Oh yeah, he’s right here. HEY FLASHINTHEPAN! What do you think of that?  Really, I just want to know what you think in general of some of the really long fics people have written. I assume you don’t have the time (or inclination?) to read them, but what do you think just of the fact that they exist and that fans put so much time and effort into writing MLP fanfiction?

A:  Yeah, I was waiting for the fanfic question. I regret to say to  anyone who recommended a bunch of stories to me the last time I was  here… I never read any of them. Didn’t have any time. I haven’t even  read any webcomics in months (until the last week or so).

Q: Not really much of a question, but will you guys make sure that Pinkie Pie always stays SO RANDOM? Her wacky cartoon takes are the best thing. n_n

A:  I’m sure there are no plans to change Pinkie Pie’s core trait.

Q: >Whoever lays out an individual scene decides who gets in the background, unless there’s a specific instruction in the board. For BG ponies there usually aren’t. You should give Carrot Top more screen time next season She is badass as fuck Or fuel my Bonon/Lyra ship
A:  I’ll probably be dumping a lot more of the “noticed” bg ponies into  my scenes (and cloning them less frequently) now that I know which ones  people like.

Q:  >One episode can take a year.  If it was traditional animation or 3d I can see this. But, you aren’t even having to redraw everything. Do the voices and scripts take that long

A:  Well it’s partly because the episodes are staggered – the  directors/Lauren can only approve so much at a time, so there’s a  bottleneck there. But, yeah, pretty much. There’s a fairly small crew in  each department. I don’t know about scripts, but boards get 5 weeks,  builds probably get 3 weeks, design gets… I don’t know how long, layout  gets 3 weeks, animation 3 weeks, then there’s.. all the other stuff. It  adds up.

Q: Do you have any favorite artists?

A:  Yep. I’ve already mentioned that I dig MadMax and MS’s stuff, but I  also really like Noel’s work (haven’t seen her around), and Disco is  frickin’ amazing. And funny. I’ve saved some images with subject matter I  never thought I’d save, because they’re just that well drawn.

Q:  >most of the staff are at least somewhat aware of Lyra and Bon-Bon’s  popularity >FitP is going to try to make cloning happen less often

A:  Weeellll, cloning will still be necessary for really big crowd  scenes. And… it will only be in my scenes. And maybe other people  laying them out, those people who care. It’s reeeeally easy to get a  crowd shot in your scene list, grab six incidental ponies, and then just  spam’em all over the place. It happens. Sometimes lazy, sometimes just…  that’s how it has to go.

Q:  is it true you all cannot accept fan ideas for legal reasons? I.e. we  can’t suggest ideas to you all?

A:  Well, I haven’t been told this specifically, but it’s not really  something they tell the front-line staff anyway, since there’s little  reason (UNTIL NOW) to expect that there’d be enough of a fan-base to  actually interact with. It does open a can of worms, maybe? Dunno. Law  ain’t my thing.

Q:  Quick question:  Do you have a favorite NOT pony character?  Like a  monster/pet/or whatevs.  Besides Spike.

A:  Hmm. I think Gummy’s pretty funny. But I haven’t really though too  much about it. … Probably Gummy.

Q:  It has been a while since I’ve seen you here.

A:  Yeah, sorry dawg. I’ve been crazy busy with work and some other  projects. Also, I don’t like to come into these threads without any art  to offer, so I need some time to at least do ONE drawing.

Q:  Score, he’s still here. Quick question, and it’s perfectly reasonable  if overlooked: how the devil do you spell the names of Celestia’s pet  Phoenix and that bloody owl? There’s probably about five different  spellings for each of them…

A:  No clue. I think I saw someone say “Filimina” (derived from  “Filament”) which I kinda liked… but.. I’ve never seen the script so I  couldn’t say. I checked the build, but her name was totally different. I  don’t remember what it was, though.

Q:  Posted this right before the thread 404’d (just my luck) so I’m going  to post it again.  The fact that MLP is tied for the top ratings on The  Hub really makes me wonder what kind of people the non-internet  demographic is made up of. I personally have only watched it on TV once,  but I did so with my fifteen year old sister-in-law (she didn’t even like  MLP when she was younger), my five year old nephew, and twenty three year  old brother-in-law, and we all loved it.

A:  Yeah, I know there are target-demographic kids out there who are  watching the show. And… as for the ratings on HUB, I SHOULD qualify  that with the fact that it was total hearsay, and for all I know Hasbro  was just telling our studio that so we would keep doing stuff. (… We’re  doing all the new Pound Puppies stuff, too.. everything from episode 8  onwards. Hasbro decided to give us the rest of the series.)

Q:  What does the studio think of Trixie FlashInThePan? For a one shot  character, she has become quite popular.

A:  As with Pokey, I think most of the studio doesn’t really think much  of her. Although the people who worked on that ep probably remember

Q:  Hey Flash do you have any of the toys?

A:  Yup. A lot of people at least have the McDonald’s toys. Or, at least  one or two of them. Or one or two of the little moulded plastic one

Q:  Glad you stayed with us. Thanks for taking the time to answer our  questions!  As for mine: how harmonious a workplace was the the FiM group  during season one? Did you and your coworkers/superiors get along pretty  well, or were there big egos/blowups/shoutfests (and if so, could you  tell us about them? Even if you can’t name names, gossip is fun).

A:  Haha! Even if there were gossip, I wouldn’t talk about it. But there  wasn’t really much drama that I remember. Some people were really  overworked, though… especially some of the animators. It’s a hard show.

Q:  I actually have a question myself, Flash. When you started working on  the show, did you ever think that the show would be popular as it is now?

A:  I never, ever, ever thought it would become this popular.

Q:  Who voices the super minor backgrounders anyway? We have heard voices  change before.

A:  Yeah, the incidental ponies don’t actually have specific voices or  voice profiles assigned to them. I would guess it’s just… whatever  actor is handy?

Q:  >Is looking at 4chan at your studio considered strange?  Its probably  not the sort of thing I would do at my choice of employment.  Especially  with regards to what we’re sometimes prone to do. Just look at /vp/ if  you want to look at examples of a large single franchise; haha.

A:  Meh, when Applebuck Season aired, the director sent out a studio-wide  IM broadcast sending everyone to 4chan to see the feedback.

Q:  Question for flash.  I’m not sure if you’re allowed to answer this,  but here goes:  I know that Hasbro was responsible for giving Celestia  the title of Princess, story structure, and has tried to push some ponies  into the spotlight, but do they have any say in the actual plots of the  episodes and/or do they give you any guidelines/suggestions to follow.   Just off the top of my head, I notice that Rarity has had, I dunno, five  or so episodes where she played a major role, while someone like  Applejack has had three episodes, two of which she was sharing the  spotlight with another pony. Are these things that Hasbro suggests (IE:  More Rarity, less Applejack) or is it just the way things happened to  turn out?

A:  My guess is that this is just how it turned out. I really have no  idea, but that’s the kind of thing that would get hashed out in the  script-writing process, and that’s so far-removed from me that it may as  well be on Mars.

Q:  Do you have to make each ponie with each body part or do you have  multiple background ponies that look different already drawn or is there  some type of script that randomizes their line and fill.  What is it?

A:  There are no scripts – it would be impossible to control and would  look like pony-vomit. Any idea of how many random iterations it would  take to wind up with an appealing design/colour scheme? A zillion, I bet.  Well, it could be just two or three, but that would be l

Q:  Asking again:  Have you met Tabitha? Does her voice give you  goosebumps? Does she know how much the internet loves her for her amazing  voice?

A:  Haven’t met her, the voice acting happens on a different floor,  sadly. So I have no idea if she knows what the internet thinks of her

Q:  what do you think of john joseco?

A:  A lot of good stuff, a lot of stuff that doesn’t interest me so much,  but… well, I’m just hella-impressed at the sheer volume he cranks out.  Good heavens.

Q:  hey flash! what do you think of trollestia

A:  Trollestia is the Bestia.

Q:   http://cgi.ebay.com/Twilight-Sparkle-Lauren-Faust-MLP-FIM-Original-Art-/2 80662543016?pt=Art_Drawings&hash=item4158ca8aa8&autorefresh=true
Flash, did you see this yet? Lauren’s Twilight just sold for an  astounding $6200.

A:  That is mind blowing. And.. yeah. I can’t even imagine. But hey, good  for Japan!


A:  …. did you not see the post when I said I’ve saved some of Disco’s  … most graphic work? It doesn’t bother me, and I don’t even notice. (No  time to really look at the images anyway, haha).

Q:  I hope these questions are answerable…  Will the same people be  working on the background music? I’ve seen videos of just the background  music for some of the ponies, and it is actually very calming to listen  to.  Will Daniel Ingram be composing the songs for season 2?

A:  Nooooo clue. Probably?

Q:  Well keep working yourselves to death bro, cause it’s worth it. This  cartoon is really a gem – you’re making an animation that will be  remembered fondly for a long time, by many people!

A:  Yeah, dude. Those of us who pay any attention to the internet have  been really heartened by responses like “This show has made me happy  again.” … And here I thought it was going to be my darkest moment of  corporate shillery (until I actually started working on it, of course.)

Q:  So… what’s with the gender transformation of Caramel?

A:  Different people working on different scenes, without telling each  other about a random colour swap they did on a BG pony? … But I prefer  the Fanon.

Q:  You said other animators draw off-coloured pony art. Any chance of  sharing some of those?

A:  Haaaaaahaha, no way in hell. That kind of thing doesn’t even last  long around the studio, really. Not everyone’s into it.

Q:  Pound Puppies confirmed for soon to be good.

A:  Pound Puppies confirmed to be slightly higher budget. The other  studio had a lot of factors working against them, so I don’t want to  badmouth… but I do think it will be at least a little better, yes.

Q:  Hey, FitP, I noticed an adult pony in the background once. It looks  suspiciously like an adult scootaloo, Is this just a coincidence or did  the character design of scoots come from this background pony

A:  Gotta be a coincidence. But I’m not sure where she comes from, since  she’s not in the general file for incidental ponies (that I remember).  She must be elsewhere, like “incidental_party_pony” or something.

Q:  So, you don’t think much about Pokey. Or Trixie. Fair enough.  Are  there any background ponies or minor characters that you DO really like,  or are they all just ‘yeah, whatever?’ I can understand being blase about  them as a group, but surely one of them must have stuck out to you.

A:  Well, Trixie isn’t really a backgrounder. Pokey would really have  only shown up to whoever worked on the scene, and (for us) as a silly  gag. (Sorry, guys.) But yeah, I’m sure everyone has BG ponies that they  like to put in scenes more often, just because their designs appeal more  or less. I always liked both Derpy and Lyra, before the show even started  airing.

Q:  >mfw commissions.  ARGH!

A:  It’s cool. It doesn’t have to be soon. I’d love to see what you whip  up.  Oh! And Applejuice! I didn’t notice those, because the posts were so  short and I’m kinda skimming past the pictures. Funny! (And fast, holy  crap.)

Q:  This is how I feel about Superjail. The animation is improved  (subjective really, some people prefer the old less fluid animation) but  I personally don’t like how Titmouse is trying to make each episode feel  more complex. I don’t watch Superjail to connect with the characters,  it’s just not the point of the damn show. BUUUUUUUUUUUT I don’t want to  start an off-topic shitstorm while FitP is here so please disregard I  suck cocks etcetera.

A:  Haven’t seen any of the new Superjails yet. One of my buddy’s really  stoked on it, though. I did see a clip, though. Holy cow, ANIMATION.

Q:  >scoots is purple and orange  >eggs and bacon is yellow and pink   also wingless.  Hey Flash, is it intentional that these ponies always  appear together? (AJ and Rarity, PP and RD) someone said something about  contrasting

A:  A lot of that is stuff that would’ve happened in the boarding phase.  If it’s just kinda… generic group action, then they’ll put them in the  scenes however they choose, but some of that stuff will have come out of  the scripts. By the time it gets to us, the placement of the main cast  ponies is pretty much decided already.

Q:  Since you do pick up Disco’s work every now and again, are you  missing this one?  The guy is our resident monkey’s paw, so every request  has to be worded rather specifically. And if you word it too  specifically, well, he decides to make it ridiculous anyway.

A:  Oh yeah, I saw that one. Loved it. I think my favourite of all of  them is the CMC’s watching the horror movie, though. Their expressions  crack me right up.

Q:  Question for Flash:  What do you think of all the indie games for FiM  coming out by the fans? We have the 2d MMO, a 3d MMO, a stand alone MMO,  the MLP:FiM Flash Game, anything catch your eye? (DerpySquad)

A:  I’ve only seen bits and pieces, clips here and there (mostly on EqD),  but I’m super impressed. I really hope Hasbro doesn’t decide to  cease-and-desist them. (I”m not saying I’ve heard any suggestions that  they will, just that I hope it doesn’t happen.)

Q:  It’s great to see you back, FlashintheP. I’m going to go through the  archive and see what you’ve mentioned. By the way, selfish question here,  still reading fanfics?

A:  Answered earlier.. unfortunately I haven’t read ANY since I last  appeared. Whoops.

Q:  I’m gonna ask again: Any least favorite episodes or those you don’t  like that much?

A:  Hmm. I haven’t really thought about this much… I wasn’t suuuper  stoked on Look Before You Sleep? Though I remember laughing when I  watched it. Dunno. I don’t really have a list of favourite/least  favourite eps.

Q:  >Pound Puppies  >Higher budget.  That’s it. I’m gonna have to watch  some episodes now.

A:  >just_as_pinkieplanned.jpg

Q:  >I always liked both Derpy and Lyra, before the show even started  airing.  But you said nobody noticed Derpy until after we had made such a  commotion over her.  No, no, no, this doesn’t add up at all!

A:  Cross-eyed Derpy I mean. I liked her design.

Q:  When you’re working on the show, what’s your daily schedule like? Are  you going into work 9-5-ish, or do you have completely bonkers hours, or  what?

A:  In layout we get paid from 9-6, and most people manage to keep those  hours. A few people work longer, others a little less. Animators…  worked their asses off all the time. A lot of people stayed late very  frequently, a lot of people worked weekends, too

Q:  I guess he liked her design…can you blame the guy? She is a recolor  of Rainbow Dash, the very best pony, after all

A:  It always bugs me when people say she’s a recolour: her mane IS  slightly different. … I’m pretty sure. It’s thinner, ain’t it? There’s  a couple other incidentals who have the same mane. I’m pretty sure none  of the incidental characters would be direct recolours of the main cast  ponies.

Q:  >Oh! And Applejuice  He cheated and had those drawn beforehand.   Also, see? Praise from an animator. Don’t stop drawing Juice.

A:  Well now I’m all grumpy for having been tricked. (Seriously keep  drawing. Those are goofy as hell and it’s refreshing.)

Q:  We’ve seen a few alcohol-related jokes (in the last episode, Pinkie  said the punch was ‘spiked,’ and in the first episode, Twilight was  pouring herself a very stiff drink…). Is there alcohol in Equestria,  and do ponies drink it? Unofficially, that is; I know the official answer  would be something like ‘it’s a little kids show, so we’re never going to  show ponies drinking booze.’  Also, thanks for answering our questions!  You are amazing.

A:  Nah, I’m not amazing, I just have some spare time. I’m pretty sure  Word of Faust from way back when was that the Ponies Do Not Drink.  Although goofy jokes about the ponies being drunk occasionally happened  around the studio. I’m pretty sure.

Q:  Are you going to watch the wedding tomorrow?  I know, it isn’t  pony-related, but I just thought I’d ask…

A:  …Nope. I certainly don’t care. Even though technically they are my  royal family, too.

Q:  >(in the last episode, Pinkie said the punch was ‘spiked,’  This  still fucking amazes me.  Where are the angry Christians? There should be  millions of them by now.

A:  Common joke? I’ve heard it in a bunch of cartoons before, I never  knew what it meant when I was a ki

Q:  You seem like a cartoon guy. What other cartoons ya liked? Past and  present!

A:  Looney Toons was my favourite growing up. Adventure Time and  Sym-Bionic Titan are my favourites now. Samurai Jack is my favourite  Ever. Plus I watch some animu.

Q:  Wonder what Flash thinks of Scootabuse.  Image unrelated… just one  of my favorite

A:  Scootabuse is scootabuse. Shrug? I ain’t into it, but it was kinda  funny the way you guys responded to show 24.

Q:  Are there any backgrounds you liked working more on than others?  Cloudsdale/Canterlot/Ponyville

A:  Haha… well, the layout artist in me says that my favourite  backgrounds are the ones that need the least alterations to make them  work in the scene. Since they’re all Flash BGs, we can tint and tweak and  nudge elements until everything is staged perfectly. It takes a long  time. But Cloudsdale is pretty cool.

Q:  What do you think of Railgunner?

A:  Sigh. Funny thing is, that one doesn’t really interest me at all..  but I remember back when that first Pinkie/Rarity one was done months and  months ago, I was compelled to save it, because it is really well done.  (Though their hooves weirded me out.)

Q:  hey flash! you have a DA?

A:  Nope. I’m also trying to remain pseudo-anonymous, so I’m not gonna  post my website. (Not that it’s really a big deal, I’m not saying  anything I’m not allowed to, but.. yeah.)

Q:  Honestly I admire the show because the creators bother to put some  effort in the characters and the way they harmonize with one another. The  comedy is pretty standard Cartoon Network, but they use some refreshing  jokes that implies the characters don’t take themselves so seriously.  It’s rather refreshing.  What I’m afraid of is MLP will deteriorate once  the HUB becomes a stable network. From what I understand, MLP FiM was one  show used to promote the new network, and being a lot is on the line, the  creators stressed the show being good, or more than just the show, and  pony sales, would be lost. I guess what I’m saying is, I hope the  creators keep putting as much love in the second season as they did for  the first.

A:  From what I hear, Season 2 is going to be kinda crazy. I have no idea  HOW, but season 2s almost always are amped up from a first season.

Q:  Hey FlashinthePan, any chance that we’ll get to see some of the one  shot characters from Season 1 return? Photo Finish, Trixie, Gilda, etc?  Or does Hasbro have no intention of bringing any of them back and focus  only on brand new characters?  Also, does the studio take into  consideration which ones are more appreciated by the fanbase? By that I  mean characters like Snips & Snails receiving barely any fan support at  all, where-as other characters get far more attention. Would that factor  in to which ones may get a better chance at returning to the lime-light?

A:  This really is a writing thing… or possibly storyboards. Probably  some of it is taken into consideration, but I’m not sure how heavily. The  staff have their own ideas about what constitutes a good show, and for  the most part they are probably going to stick with those.

Q:  so here’s a question:  Has there been any consideration to writing a subplot that goes throughout a season? I like the whimsicality of each episode, but It would be interesting to see more plot continuity throughout the season

A:  As far as I know, that has never really been an option. S’gotta be episodic, just like (almost) every other western cartoon out there. Even Sym-Bionic Titan could kinda work as an episodic series. Kinda.

Q:  >Flashinthepan in the thread  >LETS ALL DISCUSS PONY MASTURBATION  you crack me up /co/  Hey Flash… what do you think about all the pony shoes and shirts and stuff?

A:  Pfft, I lurk these threads now and again, I’ve seen some things, lemme tell ya. As for your question, I am as stoked on the shirts and shoes as I am on all the other fan production. It’s surreal how much stuff people are making.

Q:  Dragon Age Two is generally considered to be a rushed-out piece of crap that has about 6 unique areas that each get used about 10 times each, as opposed to Dragon Age one that had very little reusing of any area.

A:  Weeell, here’s hoping that doesn’t happen with us, hey?

Q:  > any chance that we’ll get to see some of the one shot characters from Season 1 return?  If they are, I don’t think he’s allowed to tell us, right?

A:  Eeeeexactly. It’s Rule Number One.

Q:  So flash… Pulp or no pulp? For orange Juice that is.

A:  I used to be all about No Pulp. But then I manned up. (Now it’s just whatever I get served when I ask for a glass of orange juice at breakfast.)

hahaaaa, and with that, I will probably head off soon. Will answer one-or-two of these posts more of questions, and then that’ll be that.

It’s been fun, /co/. Wanted to get one more visit in before the season ends, because who knows what’s going to happen to these threads once we get into the black hole of summer. (Hopefully people will go outside and play.)

Q:  >Flash saved the Pinkie X Rarity pic RG did Mah gawd

A:  Yeah, I never thought it’d happen either. But I can respect a good painter when I see one.

Q:  Ah I figured that, but I wasn’t entirely sure. Thanks for verifying that. Yeah, I doubt Lauren and others would willingly just rush through a series, unless “some” outside force forced them to. Lauren seems like she’s a little girl in a carboard box displaying her puppets she crafted with love…I question what kind of obscure care-free world she lives in. Also…those damn dolls she made of her alien rock band-project-thing….spooky.

A:  Well, here’s the thing– if the shows are being amped up (as they usually are in second seasons), but we’re not getting any more time to DO them…. yeah, there’s a risk of some rushing. The show was ALREADY kinda rushed. So hopefully it doesn’t get unmanageable.

Q:  When you’re putting together scenes, do you give any consideration to male-female ratios? I know the show’s target demographic is young girls, and as such most of the ponies are female, but there have been some crowd shots with 0 males present and others with a near-50/50 ratio. Is that a coincidence, or are some of the layout people more conscious of pony gender in their scenes than others are?

A:  Really, most of the time it just depends on if we get a file full of male ponies in it when we grab our scene or not. If there’s a male pony file, we’ll put some in the scene. If not, we probably won’t go and hunt them down.

Q:  Hey Flash.  We all have speculations as to when season two is going to start, but do you have any solid dates?

A:  No idea.

Q:  Was anyone from the show involved in the Mcdonald’s toys?

A:  Dunno, probably.. not?

Q:  Thanks! To be fair, it only took me like, 5 mins on each drawing.

A:  Yes, they do have an “immediate” quality. (Which is a good thing.) Still.

Q:  Request done ENJOY!

A:  Haha, thanks!! Send your job application to Studio B Productions. (Or, actually, wait, we’re called ‘DHX Media Vancouver’ now… so you might have to look that up instead.) And then be prepared to move to Vancouver. (Also, Season 2 is already all crewed up. But we DO need people for other shows.)

Q:  YES THIS IS A QUESTION ADDRESSED TO YOU FLASH.  From what I gather, it’s production time is cut down significantly from season one (April through December, according to one site). Is it true that the team is expected to crank out a whole season in less than a year’s tim

A:  Top Draw doesn’t do the whole process – as far as I know they just do backgrounds and animation. Unlike last season, they are going to be animating all of the episodes. It’s not a budget thing, it’s just that there’s so much going on at the in-house studio right now that we simply don’t have the crew/hardware to sustain a full operation from start-to-finish.

And with that, I’m off. Later, /co/. Enjoy yourselves!

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