Nicole Oliver
Seems the folks over at Friendship is Madness podcast got the joy of interviewing Nicole Oliver, the voice actor for Princess Celestia.  Its a 45 minute broadcast, so if you’re not into listening to the entire thing, you might check back later, we usually try and get footnotes for those not wanting to listen to the entire thing.
Guess the one thing that is mentioned right off is that Ms.Oliver has already been recording for Season 3 of MLP, so this is unofficial confirmation that there is already another season being produced.  S3 will be the real test of the crew, as it’ll be the first whole season without Faust.
  • Tales

    Cheerilee is played by Emilie Claire-Barlow. Not the same VA as Celestia.

  • Tales

    There's also no H in her name, but whatev.

  • DerpySquad

    Fixed, I'm on medication that's fucking with my eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I'd love to see some notes on the interview.

  • Pacce

    I LOVE VA interviews. And she had some interesting things to say.