User Christahope on the Arena recently found these pictures of Derpy on taobao, dressed up in a San Diego Comic Con box! At the moment there’s nothing to confirm it as real or false, however there’s a fairly good chance it is legit, and Derpy will be heading to SDCC.

Note that SDCC ponies generally don’t have names- clever, Hasbro. Clever.

No word on any specifics like price, ect. SDCC ponies are usually around $16 (I think), but if I’m not mistaken this will be the first G4 one, so it could be different.

Whole Arena thread here

EDIT:: I called it back on 3/8, if you remember. Then someone decided to try to debunk my theory, they failed horribly. SUCK IT -plaster

  • And clever, Folly, for noting that bit about the name. Great to have you on board now for the (un-)official merchy stuff as well. :-)

  • StereoPony

    A Derpy SDCC exclusive! I MUST HAVE IT! But alas, I’m never able to make it to cons… guess i’ll wait till its scalped to Tatarus and back online, lol.

  • Guess I’ll never get the two I ordered for my niece and nephew. Watch them pull off a record for selling in record time and then watch the prices skyrocket on eBay the same day. I’d ask if somebody could pick me up one, but I doubt they’ll let people buy more then one at the show. Hopefully they’ll do something like this for the New York Comic Con.

  • filledwithsolutions

    Dont forgot you guys also posted this:
    Clover Patch is a pretty clever pony

    • Yes, Plaster has already came into the office going “Predicted it!”.

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